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Ultrahaptics rebrand as Ultraleap

Bristol-based tech firm Ultrahaptics have today announced that they have renamed the company, Ultraleap. This is a collaborative decision made by Ultrahaptics and US tech manufacturer, Leap Motion.

A statement from the industry-leading haptics firm read: “Renaming Ultrahaptics (and Leap Motion) isn’t a decision we’ve taken lightly. Since Ultrahaptics was founded in 2013, we’ve taken our virtual touch technology from brilliant concept to commercial reality. We’ve seen amazing applications of it in AR/VR, automotive, location-based entertainment and digital signage, among others. And we’ve proven that adding haptics transforms user experience and engagement.

“But as we look to the next decade, we see that the story is bigger than either mid-air haptics or hand tracking. Spatial computing and natural user interfaces are already transforming digital and virtual worlds, and empowering people in extraordinary ways. We envision a more human future – one where technology disappears, and power is always at your fingertips.

“Hand tracking and virtual touch are already foundational parts of this movement. Ultraleap represents these dual roots, while charting a course for a future that opens up limitless worlds for everyone.”

Renaming the company is set to take several months, so while this is happening, it’s business as usual for both companies.

Current Ultrahaptics products (e.g. STRATOS Inspire) will continue to be sold and retain their existing names. The company will continue to maintain and update the hardware and software.