Uni dropout who created multi-million pound business shares secrets to success

The creator of one of Britain’s most influential companies – the multi-million pound Social Chain – was in Bristol recently to speak at an event.

Steve famously dropped out of university and was told by his mother he needed to get some ‘focus’.

Speaking to an audience at the Lantern in Colston Hall, Bristol, he said he has learned lessons along the way.

He comments: “Don’t fall into the dangerous trap of thinking anybody cares about you as much as you care about yourself.”

He referred to his first business, Wallpark, which was a website where students could reach out to others in the same city.

It failed to attract people’s attention when it first went live and Steve looked for better ways to promote it.

He said: “I realised I needed a real estate for somewhere which held people’s attention. I saw most people were on their mobile phones, but just for short periods of time.”

Steve, who was born in Botswana but raised in Plymouth, came across Dom McGregor, who had started up a social media page called Student Problems that went viral on Twitter.

The pair met at a pub and Steve told the audience he encouraged Dom to ‘drop out of university to help build big social media pages on Twitter’.

Social Chain has since bought up 400 social media accounts with huge numbers of followers and uses them as a means to advertise.

It can manipulate the topics or companies that trend on Twitter within minutes – and is said to be able to reach more than 300 million people with its viral marketing.

Social Chain has also pulled off several hoaxes which have gone viral, including the invention of a 16-year-old footballer who had been signed up by Arsenal for £34 million.

Today the firm has offices in Manchester, New York and Berlin and employs a team of 70 creatives with an average age of 21.