Unicorn business Gymshark opens North American HQ



Unicorn business and fashion ecommerce giant Gymshark has announced its expansion into the US.

A significant percentage of its turnover comes from the US market, prompting the company to establish a route into the US to support its American consumers.

Gymshark’s Denver office, or GSDNV, will localise the company’s offering, enabling it to grow its business over the next five years. Oktra, the design and build company behind each of Gymshark’s locations in the UK and Hong Kong, has designed GSDNV and led the project from its office in the UK.

“The opening of GSDNV is the latest milestone on this incredible Gymshark journey,” says Paul Richardson, Executive Chairman of Gymshark. “Culture and community flows through everything we do and stand for. That’s why, alongside the guys at Oktra, we’re delighted to have built a US headquarters that echoes what we stand for, but has its own identity.”

Gymshark is the latest in a wave of industry leaders to relocate to Denver, Colorado, the fifth-fastest growing city in the US. Rather than moving to the city’s tech district like many others, Gymshark has taken second-generation space in the heart of downtown.

Centrally located, the American office will allow Gymshark’s teams to communicate across time zones, supporting customers on the West and East coasts of America while remaining in touch with UK head offices. GSDNV houses the majority of Gymshark’s US functions including creative and branding teams, athlete management, legal teams and commercial and customer services.

“Gymshark is a disruptive brand and we consider ourselves to be a disruptive city competing with the larger coastal markets,” says American team member and Rand Construction project executive Lindsay Parker. “Gymshark’s growth and style are going to further propel the desire that people have to be in Denver.”