Unilever to stockpile British favourites Ben & Jerry’s and Magnum ahead of Brexit

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Transnational consumer goods company Unilever has announced that it will be stockpiling some of the UK’s favourite foods, drinks, and retail items ahead of Brexit.

CEO Alan Jope stated that the consumer goods giant was holding several weeks’ worth of surplus stock, in case any disruptions are caused by the UK leaving the European Union on March 29. This is a trend that is becoming commonplace with major retailers across the continent, including Robert Bosch, Novartis and LVMH.

Some of the items include Ben & Jerry’s and Magnum ice creams.

The company has also announced that their operation in Leeds would be producing surplus products for their Sure, Dove and Lynx brands, in order to supply their customers within the EU.

Jope said: “We have built inventory on either side of the Channel. It’s weeks of inventory – not months or days.

“If I was in the designer handbag business then I might have built further [inventory] cover but we’re not, we are in fast-moving consumer goods and one of the things we have learned is, when you build inventory, it can end up being the wrong mix of product. We desperately hope that we don’t end up in a tariff-laden environment”

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