Universities are not preparing students for the working world says education leader

A man with a fancy gold and Navy pen writes something very important to someone very important.

An education leader has hit out at universities and accused them of not preparing students for the working world.

Mark Creighton is the CEO of professional academy Avado and has spoken ahead of A-Level results being announced in the UK next week.

Mark said he believes that universities have not made adequate use of time during lockdown to prepare students for the modern working world. He is advising students to consider alternative career pathways such as apprenticeships and bootcamps, rather than traditional education routes.

He says: “Businesses across the country are lacking the inherent capabilities needed to grow and prosper in our ever-evolving economic landscape, and this maps back to universities reaping the benefits of student expenditure, rather than adapting to give them work-ready skills, that employers value.

“Upskilling is now in the hands of employers who have been left to plug the gaps left from tertiary education that is costing businesses, students and the economy millions of pounds a year. The university-career route as we know needs to evolve rapidly to better support our economic recovery. The faster we recognise that and focus our attention on carving out a capabilities-led pathway, the faster we can rebuild our economy.”