US Presidential candidate Joe Biden says future UK trade deal relies on ‘respect’ for Good Friday Agreement

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Democratic Presidential candidate Joe Biden has announced that any future US-UK trade deal will have to ensure that peace in Northern Ireland will not become a ‘casualty’ post-Brexit.

With the November election date fast approaching, Biden revealed that any trade deal had to be respectful of the Good Friday Agreement.

Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab has this week been discussing the future of trade between the two nations in an effort to reassure them that any deal will comply with the agreement.

Biden tweeted;

In recent weeks, Brexit has been a much-debated topic in Washington, after the Internal Market Bill was cleared for further debates in parliament. The proposed law would give the UK government the power to override part of the Brexit withdrawal deal.

Earlier this week, four senior US congressmen also issued a similar warning to Biden regarding the future of Brexit and the Good Friday Agreement. The letter was signed by Democratic congressmen Eliot Engel, Richard Neal, and Bill Keating, as well as Republican Congressman Peter King.