V7 Labs raises $3m to empower AI teams with automated training data workflows

V7 Labs, the computer vision platform trusted by hundreds of customers including Tractable, GE Healthcare and Merck, today announced the closing of a $3m Seed round led by Amadeus Capital Partners, joined by Partech, Air Street Capital, and Miele Venture.

Founded in 2018 by Alberto Rizzoli and Simon Edwardsson, V7 Labs’s platform accelerates the creation of high-quality training data by 10-100x.

V7 accomplishes this by giving users the ability to build automated image and video data pipelines, organize and version complex datasets and train and deploy state-of-the-art vision AI models while managing their lifecycle in production.

AI is proliferating throughout industries and requires companies to continuously collect, organise and label image data so that AI models may adapt to new scenarios, camera models or objects.

Previously, AI companies would build these systems in-house, having to maintain them alongside rapid developments in machine learning. They are now switching to V7, which has condensed into a single SaaS platform best practices for organising datasets, labelling them autonomously and monitoring the status of AI models.

Nathan Benaich, General Partner, Air Street Capital said: “The story of the last five years for AI-first companies has been one of rapidly evolving tooling and infrastructure best practices. The very best AI-first companies are now moving from their home-grown data annotation, versioning and model lifecycle management tools to V7’s SaaS platform because it abstracts this complexity and exposes industry best practices. Companies can now iterate faster and have confidence in the robustness of their production models by building on V7.”