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Velocity Commerce provides sustainable solution for Sony

Velocity Commerce, the online retail specialist based in Cambridge, UK, is now working with global electronics manufacturer, Sony, to provide a sustainable sales solution for the company’s refurbished tech products.

Velocity Commerce has partnered with Sony to launch the brand on eBay as a completely new sales channel for its refurbished, returned and excess stock.

Utilising its expertise on direct to consumer channels and listing optimisation, Velocity Commerce sold the majority of stock within the two first weeks of listing. The products are listed under Velocity Outlet, Velocity Commerce’s eBay shop.

PJ Scott, Director, Velocity Commerce, explained: “We are working with Sony to turn its excess products and refurbished stock into profit. Instead of these products taking up valuable space in a warehouse, or in some instances, being sent to landfill, they will now get a new lease of life in a household which might otherwise have been priced out of buying a premium product. Through our partnership with Sony, we are not only optimising the brand’s presence on the channel, we are also managing the reverse logistics through our warehouse space, along with customer enquiries to deliver consistent and trustworthy brand interaction for customers.

“This year, we’ve worked to create a partnership between eBay and Sony, so that there is a mutual understanding of Sony’s objectives and how eBay can best help the brand grow its sales. eBay is a fantastic sales channel for Sony’s refurb products as it offers access to an entirely new consumer market without conflicting with its mainstream retailers. Whilst those looking for a brand new premium product will head in-store, those looking for a lower price point will head online.”

Velocity Commerce, founded in 2013 by PJ Scott and Eddie Latham, helps brands build a strong online presence and increase revenue through online marketplaces.

Utilising its experience and knowledge of channels such as Amazon and eBay, Velocity Commerce supports brands by delivering tailored marketplace solutions that build direct consumer relationships and help their products stand out against competing products in a crowded space.

Scott continued: “As well as providing a sustainable way for us to retail our partners’ refurb products, eBay is a fantastic platform for brands selling new products too. There is a strong perception that eBay is purely an outlet shop, but this isn’t the case anymore – in fact, more than 80% of products sold on eBay are new. We are working to change perceptions of online retail channels, highlighting to our partners that the likes of eBay and Amazon are vital for brands to remain competitive as the retail landscape continues to change.”