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Virtual gallery celebrating women of colour launched for Women’s History Month

March is Women’s History Month, and women everywhere are being highlighted for their achievements in both the physical and virtual world. One tech company has decided to use the power of virtual worlds to shed light on the inspiring stories and accomplishments of underrepresented Black women and other people of color.

Eve Logunova Parker, Founder & CEO of Evenness, a webXR, VR & 3D solutions provider for interactive events, remote team collaboration, virtual learning and more, has launched a new initiative called The RESPECT Project, a completely virtual gallery featuring the triumphant stories of people of color throughout history and on a global scale. Using a webcam to capture their unique facial features, guests can be catapulted into the gallery, to walk around freely taking in the wealth of information.

“We believe Black History and Women’s History shouldn’t be confined to just one month campaigns: Knowledge that becomes present during the month should always be accessible. The RESPECT Project enables us to share people’s voices in a meaningful way with a global audience through our virtual gallery.” says Logunova.

The goals of RESPECT are to:

  1. Educate people
  2. Offer a platform to learn about the history, hurdles, learnings and achievements of diverse individuals who have paved the way for women everywhere today.

The stories featured in the gallery are those of inspiring Black innovators, scientists, politicians, poets, artists, civil activists, peacemakers, sportsmen, journalists, and creatives. The team behind this project is all-female, tech-savvy, and representative of various ethnicities and backgrounds.

Logunova continues: “My team strongly believes that “Metaverse” should be inclusive and accessible, and used for enabling people to become positive change-makers”.

From this month until the end of November 2022, guests will also be able to attend monthly virtual meet-ups in the metaverse that will feature the stories of current inspiring Black women and other people of color, engaging in knowledge sharing across various domains and countries.