Want a seven figure, financial freedom, Laptop Lifestyle for just four hours work each week?


“Enrol on my millionaire fast-track blueprint success programme where, over the course of five days, I will share how I built myself up into this enviable position, and how by following the same path you will too”

You know, as a top motivational speaker, it would be easy for me to stand on stage and paint a picture to entice others into enrolling on an expensive super wealth success’ course.

But I won’t and I’m never going to do that. It’s just not right.

See, the truth is, it’s taken 14 years of, on average 12-hour days to get to where I am today in both life and business. And the version of my life that you see on my Instagram is, like everyone else’s, a sanitised best sliceversion.

The reality is that my world isn’t all supercars, meeting celebrities, eating finest food, speaking in front of massive audiences – although if you look on my Instagram timeline, you could believe that’s all I do.

What I don’t post are the photos of me annoyed, emptying the bins, pulling long hairs from my nose. A video of an argument with the wife because she’s not bought enough bananas or my poo bagging from around my garden.

In today’s instant gratification world, people want to believe that there is some sealed bank vault that, once unlocked, releases the secrets needed to become a fast-track millionaire working just four hours a week.

Honestly, It’s a myth.

These courses are run by salespeople. Certainty salespeople that sell certainty. And they are so expensive they must work. After all you’ve seen the sponsored posts all over your Facebook feed, supercars, unlimited wealth and adoration by massive crowds.

I work in that industry but I come at from a totally benign angle. I never tell my audiences that I can turn them into millionaires. Because there’s much more to success than money (the irony is, it often takes having money before you realise this). What I do teach audiences is how to become better versions of themselves.

I do now have a laptop lifestyle. In fact this article has been written from the poolside in Florida. My business that affords me financial freedom. However, 14 years it’s taken me.

And of those 14, over the first decade, my order of priorities were –

  • Business
  • Family
  • Health

I’ve had a nervous breakdown, near marriage failure, massive unbalance, high blood pressure. I was ill.

Because my focus was on business success at any cost. And that cost was to me, my family and my health.

As a result of my deconstruction, I was lucky. I got to rebuild myself differently. My order of priorities now are –

  • Health
  • Family
  • Business

Business & success are important. But honestly? Nowhere near as important as health and family which, having been on the cusp of losing both, are now my priorities.

Success comes at a price. Every single entrepreneur that I know who has a sustainable and successful business, has created it with real staff, real struggle and real investment. I don’t know a single person that has created a laptop lifestyle as a result of going on a course.

Every single decision that you’ve ever made in your life has brought you to this article. NowWhat?

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