Wazoku appoints Martin Fincham as Chairman


Innovation scale-up Wazoku has appointed Martin Fincham as its new Chairman, as the company continues to expand its senior team ahead of growth and further expansion in 2021.

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Fincham is one of Europe’s most highly regarded B2B SaaS entrepreneurs, with a background in technology and business over the past three decades.

He spent five years as CEO of global enterprise software firm LANSA, during which he increased profitability seven-fold before exiting to a Private Equity buyer in 2018. He has also lived and worked in Silicon Valley after selling his first company to a U.S. acquirer in 2000.

He has since embarked on a portfolio career and works with some of the most innovative start-ups and scale-ups, including Veeqo, Scoro and SHE Software. In his new book published this week ‘Diary of a Novice NED – a guide to going plural and developing a portfolio career as a non-executive director’, Fincham draws on his extensive experience as a non-executive director and is a further testament to the expertise and strength he brings to Wazoku as Chairman.

“Wazoku drives innovation for some of the world’s most forward-thinking organisations, but I have an intuitive feel for inflection points in a business and a market, and our growth potential is suddenly vast,” said Fincham. “There’s an excellent management team in place, and I am here to help the team do the things they already do even better and then guide them through more unfamiliar territory such as internationalisation, acquisitions and managing hyper-scale growth.”

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