“We are a company driven and built on innovation”


Assystem Technologies is a world-renowned partner in engineering, quality and digital solutions for clients operating in the aerospace, automotive, defense, financial services, industry, and transportation sectors.

With over 14,000 employees in 25 countries, Assystem Technologies has cutting-edge technical know-how and proven expertise in complex and critical systems. In 2017, Assystem Technologies achieved a turnover of around one billion euros.

Business Leader recently sat down with the Managing Director Director Andreas Spiegelberger to discuss the company’s growth and their recent partnership with Sono Motors.

Can you explain your day-to-day activities at the company?

ASG is an automotive lighting solutions specialist and a member of Assystem Technologies. As Managing Director, I lead the day-to-day operations of ASG but still ensure I’m heavily involved in managing a selection of interesting projects first-hand. It’s important to keep updated on the new technologies in this fast-growing lighting market and as an engineer by trade, I think it’s an important part of ensuring continued innovation and growth. In addition, I also work closely in helping fast-track ASG’s growth plan and recently signed a deal with Sonos Motors to develop a unique lighting concept for its Sion electrical solar car.

The Sion is the first series car to use solar panels on the chassis to recharge its’ battery.

Can you give our readers an overview of ASG?

The Assystem Technologies’ affiliate, ASG develops cutting-edge, customer specific, lighting systems and solutions. It covers the full lighting development cycle ranging from concept development, design and test to comprehensive project management of the serial supplier in vehicles and has grown 300% since 2013. We are a company driven and built on innovation and due to our tier1 expertise, we are able to provide services from development, styling to prototype. We also hold experience in CAD, Electronics, Thermal, Optics and in occasional cases get nominated for project management contracts from OEM or Tier1 providers. This is due to our exceptional understanding of complex systems.

Reason behind the partnership with Sion?

Sono Motors chose Assystem Technologies and consequently its affiliate ASG to develop the unique lighting concept for its Sion electrical solar car. One of the reasons behind this decision is because ASG knows how to deliver cost effective LED lights for the automotive industry – something that is an ongoing challenge is this growing and ever-demanding industry. In general, we can offer about 50% off the tier 1 price level for light engineering, ensuring we provide high quality, innovative lighting in an efficient and lean manner.

With our knowledge and technology, we can come close to the price level of halogen lamps and can even offer better light and this is all by merely changing the halogen bulb frequently. In fact, we developed various lamp solutions and used the ‘laserlight’ as a benchmark for the development of  modern LED lamps available in every car.

What does the collaboration mean for the automotive industry?

You need to have a good technician to partner with to ensure best design. This collaboration paves a new modern era for the rest of the automotive industry; providing a benchmark for how automotive car parts can be efficiently designed and the cost consequently decreased. Less power consumption and reduced cost for car manufacturers is key and with our innovative thinking and technology, this has very much been made possible.

Can you take me through the process and development of the agreement with Sion?

The Sion is the first series car to use solar panels on the chassis to recharge its’ battery. The integrated solar cells ensure that – depending on driving performance and insolation – a large part of the required energy comes from an entirely renewable source: the sun. The objective is to get the Sion on the road in the second half of 2019 for € 16,000 (excluding the battery).

In terms of this innovative project agreement, we are currently in the design convergence phase. This means we are consulting the styling / design team and consulting feasibility studies as to what can and can’t be achieved. In the next few days we will be embarking on the actual engineering of these innovative new lights. This is where we define the final product in line the styling guidelines. From this data, we will then be able to build prototypes before Sono Motors moves into the Sion car testing phase. The Sono Motors Sion cars will soon be available and on the streets with accessible, affordable and safe LED lighting and we are looking forward to project completion so consumers can benefit from this innovative collaboration.