Web3-native platform Kleoverse secures $1.2m

Kleoverse Founders Aleksi Löytynoja (L) and Joni Karras

Web3 startup Kleoverse has raised $1.2M in funding led by byFounders, Sfermion, and angel investors such as crypto entrepreneur Ville Vesterinen, and Equilibrium, a leading global blockchain agency.

The money will be used to fund further R&D in the platform, scale its user base, and build its global community of Web3 builders and developers.

Kleoverse helps freelancers create a professional identity in Web3. Using Blockchain, Kleoverse hands out NFTs to visualize an individual’s Web3 Proof-of-Talent based on the projects they’ve completed with decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs).

These DAOs offer a vast sphere of different opportunities for many kinds of contributors and don’t have offices, mandatory working hours, corporate politics, or gatekeepers from whom you need to apply for a job. Individuals can work on their own terms, contributing to as many organizations as they want, collecting governance tokens and NFTs as rewards for their work.

“We believe the current ways for talent signaling are inadequate and old-fashioned for our increasingly digital world. There are three major problems in the current status quo of the job-seeking market: 1) Status measures the past, not the future, 2) Status signals are indirect, thus unreliable, 3) People are treated unequally,” says Aleksi Löytynoja, Co-Founder of Kleoverse.

It’s estimated that cryptocurrencies already have more than 100 million users globally and that over 1.3 million people hold governance tokens of Web3-native decentralized autonomous organizations (DAO). Often, DAOs run bounties or similar simple tasks for onboarding new people to their communities. Those wanting to dive deeper can take on further tasks, gradually joining a working group or becoming a core contributor. Some may even apply for a grant to build a project or an individual product that supports the ecosystem.

“As investors, we’ve witnessed exceptionally rapid growth of the whole Web3 ecosystem – especially DAOs – during the last year. We believe Kleoverse is perfectly positioned in this emerging market to help millions of new builders to take the leap to Web3 and find meaningful opportunities within internet-native organizations. We believe new technology helps anyone to prove their talent more objectively, and we’re proud to partner with Kleoverse to contribute to this future,” said Martin Krag, Principal at byFounders.