Weighted blankets – helping to reduce stress and anxiety during coronavirus

One of the latest home accessories has been helping people to reduce their stress and anxiety during coronavirus, Business Leader reports.

Weighted blankets, also known as heavy, sensory or gravity blankets, have emerged in recent months as a must-have accessory for the living room or bedroom. The blankets are like regular blankets but with small beads inside to provide added weight of 4kg to 9kg and give the user the feeling of receiving a deep touch or warm huge.

The products have historically been used in clinics and hospitals for decades and were often used by those with mental health issues to provide more comfort with sleep or restlessness. Today, they have become a mainstream product for a nation that struggled to ‘switch off’ and is slowly getting less and less sleep each year.

According to The Independent, people in the UK were getting an average between 5.78 and 6.83 hours of sleep at night, meaning many Brits could be missing out on the recommended amount of sleep by over 100 minutes.

Calming Blankets, a start-up which has sold over 50,000 weighted blankets in Australia, explains: “Proprioceptive input or deep touch pressure stimulation through weighted blankets can increase your awareness of your body parts and calms your sensory behaviours.”

This can help you feel more aware of your environment, reduce tossing and turning, and provide much needed comfort and rest.

They continued to explain: “We have seen a surge in enquiries for our products during coronavirus. Everyone is at home now and sitting on the sofa or in bed – and anxiety is taking its toll. Uncertainty over work, finances and health is affecting daily stress and sleep levels. People have been quick to order our blankets and we have received very positive feedback.”

Selecting a weight that is around 10% to 15% of your body weight, weighted blankets have also been proven to help those with sleep disorders, insomnia and also children with autism. However, it is essential that children under the age of 4 do not use weighted blankets and only use the lowest weights possible to avoid any complications.

The covers are machine washable, so you can zip them off, pop them into the washing machine and put them back on again.

Calming Blankets has recently set up a warehouse in Northampton, UK, and is now accepting orders across the UK.

For more information, visit: https://calmingblankets.co.uk/