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Wendy Craft appointed to advisory board of Latitude Consultancy Limited

Wendy Craft

Latitude Consultancy Limited, a pioneer in residency and citizenship-by-investment, announced the appointment of Wendy Craft, Chief of Staff at Fulcrum Equities, LLC, the multi-billion family office of Kent Swig, third generation patriarch, to its advisory board.

Continuing the company’s recent growth with office openings, the appointment of Craft will contribute to the next phase in Latitude’s strategic advancement in the burgeoning US market.

Latitude has experienced an increase in inquiries from family offices seeking security for their family legacy with a non-depreciable asset in the form of a residency or an additional passport through citizenship by investment overseas.

In recent years, wealthy Americans, in part due to pressures of reduced visa-free travel, political and social unrest, climate change and other factors, have been actively exploring a ‘plan b’ resulting in a 300% increase in citizenship and residency by investment inquiries.

“Ultra-high net worth individuals and their family offices are increasingly considering alternative citizenship and residency to provide more options in life for themselves and their families. Seeking a ‘plan b’ through the security of an additional passport or residency, an asset that will never depreciate and can be passed to the next generation within a family, has driven the vast majority of our conversations with prominent families since the beginning of the pandemic,” said Eric Major, CEO and founding partner, Latitude Consultancy.

“The remarkable experience, leadership and influence Wendy brings to Latitude will inform our strategy and direction, directly contributing to our growth trajectory as we address the needs of elite family offices.”

Now in its fourth generation, the Fulcrum Equities family office has a strong focus in the real estate market and co-invests with other families on a variety of businesses around the world. Prior to working with Mr. Swig and his family, Craft was general counsel to the Shepperd Family Office, an international investment entity located in Zurich, Switzerland.

“The family office, high net worth, ultra-high net worth and investor market that I serve have long sought to secure and protect their legacies. An additional passport or residency is a frequent topic of conversation amongst this highly connected group,” said Wendy Craft, Advisor to the Board.

“As a trusted community member of the world’s wealthiest individuals and their families, my role is to ensure anyone engaging with this community is well-vetted and trusted. This is where Latitude’s values closely align with my own.”