Weston College launches 200 apprenticeships in 100 days challenge

Weston College 200in100 logo

Weston College has launched 200 apprenticeships in 100 days

Weston College has set an ambitious target of achieving 200 apprenticeship pledges in just 100 days.

Following the success of the previous 100 in 100 campaign, the college have decided to raise the bar, by matching 200 passionate apprentices with great local employers in just 100 days.

The campaign itself started on January 22, and will run through until June 8. Throughout the campaign the College will be updating their progress through social media, using the hashtag #200in100 on Twitter.

Dr Paul Phillips CBE, principal and chief executive of the Weston College group, said: “One of the most effective ways of bringing a new generation of employees to your company is through apprenticeships. Apprenticeships have expanded over the years, and we have seen the growth in popularity of our Degree Apprenticeships, giving organisations a hands on approach in the development of the student, to meet their business needs.

“Weston College are excited to be launching this campaign to create 200 apprenticeships in 100 days. With the support of existing and new employer partners from across the region, we look forward to supplying more opportunities to our students in the year ahead.

“We’re appealing to organisations across the region to pledge and support this exciting mission to create 200 local jobs.”

The businesses that pledge will have their logos featured in the dedicated 200 in 100 section of the website, be featured predominantly in the social media campaign and have other publicity through press releases and video.

For further information visit www.weston.ac.uk/200in100 or contact the training solutions team via email enquiries@weston.ac.uk or via phone on 01934 411594.