Weston firm celebrates 25-year anniversary with expansion


Regency Managing Director Alex Demetriou (left) with Regency employees Stephanie Thomas, Sian-Collins, & Ben Hoskins

A company is celebrating its 25-year anniversary with a major expansion.

Weston-super-Mare based Regency Purchasing Group, which supplies food and drink to the leisure and hospitality industry, including London Zoo and Subway, is celebrating the occasion by doubling its workforce.

Its expansion comes at a time when both local and national firms such as Coke and Britvic, are undertaking huge redundancy programmes, adding to the 2.39 million people currently out of work in the UK.

RPG Managing Director, Alex Demetriou, comments: “We are delighted to be celebrating our 25th year in business and this is definitely the right time to expand despite a challenging trading environment.

“We are finding that business is better than ever and if anything the recession is helping us because people are more conscious about saving money and making sure that they have the right deal in place.

“Due to our continued success we are marking our historic milestone with a major company investment.

“We have recruited gradually over the past four-years but this is the first time that we have invested heavily in our field based team.

“Our first group of employees’ have started work and they will be followed by a second batch undertaking training in April, so we are certain they can only add to our continued success.”