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Weston leaseholders get on-line link to managing agent

MybnsPeople living in residential apartment blocks in Weston-super-Mare are among the first in the country to use a new online reporting system that helps them notify their Managing Agent of issues at their property.

BNS Management Services, which manages 150 residential apartment blocks with over 3000 residents in the Greater Bristol area, has developed the communication tool. It enables owners and tenants in Weston-super-Mare to report problems with door entry systems, television signal, standards of service and even blown light bulbs in the apartment blocks in which they live or own.

Other residents and the property management company can see what has been reported and track the way it is being dealt with.

All owners and tenants within individual apartment blocks are being given access to MyBNS.co.uk, where they can see how problems are being resolved along with obtaining access to the most recent inspection reports at the properties in which they live or invest.

BNS Management Services, based in Downend, Bristol, has developed the system and has introduced it across all of the properties under their management with the intention of developing it further following requested feedback from users.

Andrew Simmonds, BNS Managing Director, said: “It enables people to report on and be updated on issues 24 hours a day from their computer, tablet or smart phone. Residents in the same block can see that an issue has been reported and they can see how we are dealing with it.

“It makes managing a property much more transparent and for BNS means that we can communicate with all residents in one block under one feed, saving everyone time, telephone calls and hassle. In addition it means that we can be held to account by the people who live or have invested in the blocks we look after. There is now really nowhere for us to hide!”

The system is unique in the UK and has been developed specifically for BNS Management Services and the blocks they manage, and more importantly, in a style they adopt. Blocks are inspected regularly and reports of those inspections will automatically be placed on the system in order for all owners and residents to see live data and information.

Following a few months use from residents and owners tweaks and upgrades will be made in light of feedback from external and internal sources. It is hoped that the system will speed up repairs and benefit those who take a keen interest in the block in which they reside and invest in.