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Weston-super-Mare residents challenged to raise £8.3m – by drinking coffee

A leading cancer charity is urging people in Weston-super-Mare to raise £8.3m – by taking part in the World’s Biggest Coffee Morning.

Macmillan Cancer Support wants people across the Weston-super-Mare to take part in the event to help raise millions of pounds to fund local cancer services. In 2009 there were 19 Macmillan coffee
mornings held across Weston-super-Mare raising a fantastic £3630.

But this year the charity is hoping another 20 people in Weston super Mare will hold a coffee morning to raise £6000 to help fund local cancer services.

Currently Macmillan fund 98% of the Cancer Nurse Specialists in Weston General Hospital.

Liz Duvall of Great British Mobility in Weston – super – Mare has held many a coffee morning:

“Everyone knows someone who has been affected by cancer and seen the suffering that it can bring. And who knows, any of us could be effected ourselves in the future. The work Macmillan does help’s so many people. So if each of us gives just a little bit we can help Macmillan to help others. We speak to people everyday who are struggling with either their own mobility or that of a partner or family member. It makes you feel very fortunate to still be in good health yourself.

At the end of the day, good as it is, the National Health Service doesn’t have the manpower to carry out the tasks that Macmillan fulfils. And we do need such organisations to fill the gaps between hospital care and all the other aspects of cancer patient’s lives that are affected by their illness.

We have raised money for several years for Macmillan but always had fun whilst doing it. Last year we all wore green and then donated £1.00 each for the pleasure of doing so. We also made cakes and sold them to staff and other office units on our industrial estate. We had a green raffle which all the staff donated something green to and bought raffle tickets to win it all back again. We had donations from home grown green veg to green nail varnish to green underwear, sweets and green bottles! It really does get everyone involved and the offices always enjoy taking part.”

Macmillan’s fundraising manager for Weston super Mare, Ian Dore, said:

“Macmillan is there to help from the moment someone is diagnosed with cancer and the support we provide is vital.  Our doctors and nurses offer specialist medical care and emotional support, while our benefits advisors help cancer patients get the government money they are entitled to.  Macmillan will even provide grants to people with cancer who are struggling financially.

All the services we offer are essential, and we rely on the money raised from events like the World’s Biggest Coffee Morning to fund them. So we are asking people across Weston super Mare to put a smile on their mug and help Macmillan reach more people affected by cancer in their area.”

Fundraising manager Ian Dore continued:

“The World’s Biggest Coffee Morning is a really fun event that is easy to take part in, especially as you can tailor it to suit yourself. “If you can’t do it on September 24 then pick another day, if you’re not keen on coffee and would rather have cocktails or even herbal tea then that’s fine as well. All that matters is that you take part and help us raise more from this year’s coffee morning than ever before.”

To take part in the World’s Biggest Coffee Morning on Friday 24 September go to www.macmillan.org.uk/coffee or call 0845 070 1315.
Liz Duvalls contact number: (  01934  ) 875883