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Here at the Weston Echo not all of our articles are focused on serious news, we like to take a light hearted look at local affairs too! Enclosed for your viewing pleasure are the top YouTube videos based around Weston-super-Mare as decided by our panel, enjoy!

Weston-super-Mare Tourist Information Film.

Perhaps the most well known YouTube video locally, this comical parody of a local tourist information is well thought and and keeps you amused all the way through, a brilliant effort by Youtube user bluecrayon77.

Grand pier fire at Weston-Super-Mare 2008

There are literally hundreds of videos of the Grand Pier burning down in 2008, so when we saw this one we were impressed with the style of filming and the way the video was put together.

Building the Grand Pier 1903 – 1904

Our final video was uploaded by the owners of the Grand Pier and is an interesting look at rarely seen photos of the original Grand Pier being built in 1903 (the first pavilion caught fire and was destroyed in 1933).