Factfile: Do you know about Westonworks?

Business in North SomersetIn its latest North Somerset Business Leader column, North Somerset Council’s Economic Development Team talks about the work being done by Westonworks.

What is it?

Westonworks is the one stop shop for job vacancies, job brokerage and skills matching.

It provides employers with a single point of contact who will work with them to find appropriately skilled and trained local people.

The team at Westonworks works directly with employers in and around North Somerset to ensure that local job vacancies are effectively promoted and filled through westonworks and its partners.

What are its services?

• Construction Skills Certification Scheme (CSCS) Health, Safety and Environment Test Centre.

All best practice construction sites now require competent and qualified staff. As a service to the construction industry Westonworks offers advice, practice software and loan of revision material for CSCS candidates to aid passing the HSE test and gaining their CSCS card.

• UK online computer training centre

Individuals are able to access tailored one to one computer training to increase their IT skills and become IT literate.

How can Westonworks save businesses money?

• Working with businesses to find the right staff to meet business needs

• Giving immediate access to a skilled pool of job ready individuals

• Advertising job vacancies in the centre and to a large network of advisers working with job seekers

• Co-ordinating a filter and match brokerage service for job vacancies and providing access to suitable interview venues

• Helping to promote recruitment events/open days by reaching a wider range of potential employees

• Offering an on site recruitment service for new developments in North Somerset

• Co-ordinating bespoke specialist training where identified and required by developers and for businesses

• Providing computers and support for online applications

What’s its history?

Westonworks was established in October 2009 as a partnership between North Somerset Council and Alliance Homes (NS Housing) to support people into work.

Since then the team at Westonworks have supported over 1,200 people, helping them access work, learning and volunteering opportunities.

Is is also acting as a single point of contact for businesses, helping to promote and fill vacant roles and offering specialist filter and match jobs brokerage services to the business community of North Somerset.

To find out more about Westonworks please contact: Adrian Stone, Westonworks Manager by tel on: 01934 426 260 or email: Adrian.stone@n-somerset.gov.uk or web: www.westonworks.org.uk/employers