What are the advantages to businesses offering Workplace Financial Education?

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Workplace Financial Education aims to educate, guide and support your employees with their personal finances. It provides them time to talk with a financial adviser to give them a greater understanding of their finances and allowing them to make informed decisions.

At Four Wealth Management, our Workplace Financial Education programme is a series of complimentary interactive seminars help employees understand their finances. Seminars last approximately one hour and are tailored to life stages, for example those approaching retirement. Our workplace financial education seminars can be run online due to the current situation or at your workplace when it is safe to do so.

Why should businesses offer Workplace Financial Education?

Improved employee productivity

36% of workers report a drop in productivity of one hour per day due to financial difficulties. This is potentially a loss of five hours per week for these employees which can be costly to your business.

Our complimentary one hour seminars can help your employees with their financial issues and could help your business to significantly reduce this loss of five hours per week.

Over 4.2 million working days were lost as a result of 500,000 private sector workers taking time off in the last year due to the impact of poor financial wellbeing. This ‘absenteeism’ cost £630m averaging £150 per employee per day. Offering Workplace Education will empower your employees to take control of their finances. This will improve focus at work and mean that employees are less likely to take days off for stress-related issues.

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Demonstrate you are a responsible employer

Offering Workplace Financial Education shows that you are a responsible employer and care about your employees wellbeing. It can also be added to your employee benefit package and there is no charge to your business.

Find out more about Workplace Financial Education

Help your employees plan their retirement

Auto-enrolment legislation means that providing a retirement package to employees is now a requirement for most employers. However, many employees are uncertain about how and when to prepare for retirement. Auto-enrolment has left employees with many decisions such as choosing how much to contribute to their pension pot personally, which investments they should choose in their pension and when they can retire.

Providing a quality Financial Education Workshop, will overcome this uncertainty and empower your employees to maximise the potential of their pension pots.

Financial education tailored to your company

We understand that the needs of every company are different and we will work with you to create a financial education programme tailored to your company needs. To find out more about our workplace education programme or to book an online seminar for your employees, please contact us on 0117 973 0500 or visit: www.fourwealthmanagement.co.uk.

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