What are the books responsible for guiding entrepreneurial success?

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The written word has the incredible capability to help people change many aspects of their life, and London-based direct sales and marketing specialists Label One is encouraging all aspiring entrepreneurs to put the following books on their must-read list for 2018.

Reading can be one of the best ways business owners constantly learn and develop skills. The firm understands the habit of reading a book has declined dramatically in recent years as we move into a digital age. With this in mind, Label One is urging entrepreneurs to put down the smartphone and pick up a book.

Label One are committed to the ongoing education of their contractors and help them expand their knowledge and skill sets to progress their development.

The firm recently held a workshop covering the books they believe that their contractors and budding entrepreneurs should be reading.

The 25 Sales Habits of Highly Successful Salespeople 

The book by Stephen Schiffman helps salespeople amp up their motivation, which can ultimately lead to their success. The reader will learn how to convert leads into customers, own presentations and stay motivated – all while remembering to have fun in the process.

The little red book of selling

While the Author wrote the book back in 2004, Label One maintains that the key principles are still relevant today. Jeffrey Gitomer talks about the reasoning behind ‘why’ people buy. He teaches the reader how to pick up on small details to understand how a prospect is thinking. The book is excellent for contractors to learn traits and skills while they’re out in the field, and is number two on label One’s must-read-list.

The Secrets of Closing the Sale

The ultimate aim for any salesperson is to close. The book focuses on the principle that building strong relationships with the prospect is vital. Label One believe this is an excellent read for contractors new to the industry, as it will help them discover how to enthusiastically approach a client while being able to project warmth and overcome the reasons why prospects don’t buy.

Managing Director James Masheter said: “Everyone knows the benefits of reading, but I have seen lots of budding entrepreneurs fail to see the significance of continuous learning. I encourage anyone looking to get into the industry to have a look at our must-read list to help them understand the kill skills needed.”

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