What are the most in-demand skills in the UK post-pandemic?

With a record-breaking 1 million job vacancies currently being advertised, independent online learning provider, The Skills Network, has unveiled new insight revealing the most in demand skills requested by employers.

Partnering with data provider, Emsi, the research analysed 1.5 million jobs, which has highlighted finance, auditing and accounting as the most in-demand hard skills in the country, while communications, management and customer service top the list when it comes to soft skills.

The top 10 most in-demand skills were revealed as:

  Soft Skills Hard Skills
1. Communications Finance
2. Management Auditing
3. Customer Service Accounting
4. Sales Agile Methodology
5. Enthusiasm KPI’s
6. Planning Business Development
7. Leadership Warehousing
8. Detail Orientated Nursing
9. Innovation Mental Health
10. Self-motivation SQL

The need for skills such as leadership increased by 24% between March 2020 and June 2021, indicating businesses needed extra support to ensure they navigated through the pandemic successfully. Similarly, as businesses began working from home and learning new ways to stay in touch, communication saw a 17% increase, while the need to attend to new customer needs led to a 60% increase in demand for customer services skills between February 2021 and June 2021 alone.

In addition to this, research by the University of Cambridge highlighted that nearly one in four (22%) of the UK’s population, lack basic digital skills and 51% of those on the lowest income bracket have no access to Wi-Fi at home, raising concerns of a growing “digital divide”.

Speaking about the need to invest in training and skills development, Mark Dawe, CEO at The Skills Network, comments: “This report provides us with a valuable insight into the emerging skills trends in the UK, which in turn can be used by job seekers and employers to prepare and adapt to the demands of the new working world.

“As we recover from the pandemic, it is crucial that training resources are made accessible to individuals in key areas, to ensure the recovery and ultimate success of local economies. With UK job vacancies surpassing one million for the first time, it’s important that applicants are aware of the most in demand skills to help secure a role.

“We hope that this report will provide direction for individuals and employers looking to upskill, re-train and develop as we navigate through the changing job market.”