What are the top 32 companies set to take 2022 by storm?

With a new year, comes new opportunities, and here at Business Leader, we are profiling the companies and entrepreneurs who are set to dominate 2022. Whether they are established businesses or emerging forces within their sector, these are the names you need to keep an eye on for the year ahead.

How have the Top 32 been chosen?

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This list is in no particular order.

Sarah Dawson

Joii Pet Care (Vet-AI)

Research and development company Vet-AI recently launched an app – Joii Pet Care – to tackle the rising costs of vet care. Joii Pet Care offers pet owners remote consultations with real vets and nurses via their smartphones. Designed to make pet care accessible and affordable for everyone, Joii is an artificial intelligence app revolutionising the UK and global vet market. Built by a team of experts with cutting edge, bespoke technology, Joii allows pet parents to diagnose and receive recommended treatment for their pets from the comfort of their home, 24/7. During 2021, Joii’s platform reached a record 200,000 pet registrations and the team delivered more than one million minutes of virtual pet care.

Julian B. Mensah


Voltric has grown their electric vehicle subscription business hugely in 2021, landing manufacturers from Renault to Tesla, but they will be expanding from four brands to over fifteen manufacturers in 2022, beginning with the Kia e-Niro. Voltric’s vision, beyond just electric cars, is set to make huge strides in 2022. They are integrating all forms of mobility into one solution, creating a true MaaS (mobility-as-a-service) platform. This will allow users to have a range of travel options from electric cars, bikes, scooters, and public transport all in one place. Voltric will be undergoing a further funding round to expand on their MaaS proposition this year.

Sebastian Siemiatkowski, CEO

Sebastian Siemiatkowski


Over the past 16 years, Swedish fintech firm Klarna has risen to become the highest valued firm in Europe within its industry. With headquarters in Stockholm and Berlin, and more than 4,000 members of staff, the company now has a value of more than $31bn. The company’s core services focus on payment solutions for e-commerce firms across the world – primarily their Buy Now Pay Later facility. Klarna will likely launch their hotly-anticipated IPO in London this year, despite CEO Seb Siemiatowski trying to squash the growing speculation around its future.

Paul Brown


International multi-carrier delivery specialists MHI are looking ahead to another successful year, building on the recent growth of 54% turnover in 2021. The business trajectory enabled the expansion of the team by 50%, creating new jobs at all levels to ensure clients receive the robust host of service offerings they have come to expect. The business continued its investment strategy through inhouse software and R&D teams, which has led to partnerships with eCommerce platforms and distribution hubs globally. A continued drive for excellence, through applied technology and MHI’s flexible pricing structures, is fundamental to the client offering that is delivering growth into 2022.

Vanessa Jacobs

The Restory

Founded in 2017 by Jacobs, The Restory is a fast-growth business based in London, which has created a whole new category by combining the art of craft with the power of technology. As the official global partner for Farfetch, Harrods, Selfridges, Browns Fashion and Harvey Nichols, last year they announced major brand partnerships with Manolo Blahnik and Nicholas Kirkwood. Their ambition is to power aftercare for the global fashion industry worth over $200bn, becoming a key driver for circular fashion. The Restory has seen 200% growth year-on-year since inception, has completed over 50,000 services for clients in the UK and internationally, and has raised £3m to date.

George Rawlings & Matt Mcneill Love


Innovative dating app, Thursday, has disrupted its sector following a £2.5m funding round in June last year. Offering an alternative to Tinder, Hinge and Bumble, the app is only available to use on a Thursday, and was created to ‘tackle dating app fatigue’. The funding will be used to expand to more metropolitan cities, after its successful launches in London and New York City. They have already had success in Dublin, Cardiff, and Glasgow – with more to follow in 2022.

Rachael Flanagan Rachael Flanagan

Rachael Flanagan

Mrs Buckét

Flanagan is the Founder and Managing Director of the specialist commercial cleaning company. She started the business aged 18 with a mop and a bucket and 1,000 flyers that she spent her last £20 on. 16 years on, Mrs Buckét turns over £4.5m and employs 250 members of staff across Wales and the South West. The company’s 55% year-on-year growth was aided by a major rebrand a year ago, designed to push the company into new territories. The company has acquired 46 new clients and 58 new sites since October 2020, including the prestigious Wales Millennium Centre, Cardiff Bus, and national haulage company, Owens. Flanagan has laid out ambitious plans to increase turnover to £12m by 2025.

Joanna Swash


Outsourced answering service Moneypenny is building on its solid foundation, and 2022 will be another year of strong growth, with outsourcing on the rise and call volumes already up by 10% year-on-year in the first weeks of January as companies navigate hybrid working. Moneypenny has seen that, with many employees working from home for extended periods, businesses have reconsidered the need to have their reception and admin staff in-house, and especially as Moneypenny’s technology integrates with platforms such as Microsoft Teams, which can transfer calls through to mobile, office or laptops, meaning staff can work anywhere. Moneypenny has over 1,000 staff globally and currently handles over 20 million calls and live chats for 21,000 businesses. The company has grown rapidly in the last five years, from £19m revenue to a projected £60m this year.

Nick Barthram, Beth Pope, Ian Bates & Sarah Platt


The Bristol-based brand consultancy works with scale-up companies across the UK to establish them as leaders within their respective industries. They define organisations’ underlying strategy, positioning and purpose, create compelling brand identities and narratives, and show how those can be activated through external and internal brand behaviour. They are independent, focussed, and collaborative, and have helped a range of businesses to make the leap from attracting early adopters to much wider audiences, using brand as the catalyst.

Grant Harris

Keep IT Simple (KITS)

KITS is an ethical company established in 2015 from a core of technical, hands-on consultants and engineers looking to provide the highest value IT support and transformation services to public and private sector clients. KITS delivers significant reductions in both the numbers of specialists and overall costs required to provide the IT support demanded by 24/7 businesses. The company was recently sold to AIM-listed Panoply Holdings, enabling it to expand its contract reach and bid for larger projects across the public and commercial sectors.

Roger Hartshorn


Privately-owned company Garnalex has pioneered a compelling range of aluminium window and door products that are transforming the traditional buying experience of fabricators, installers, and homeowners. Derbyshire entrepreneur Hartshorn gathered a team of fenestration experts to design the Sheerline range from scratch. Unprecedented growth of 400% for Sheerline products over the last year will see further investment in a purpose-built manufacturing facility by 2024 and the installation of a new painting plant over the forthcoming year, along with the introduction of new products to the Sheerline range.

Maddy Phipps-Taylor

Eva Health Technologies

Founded in 2020, Eva resulted from a meeting of minds between Microtest and PUBLIC. Microtest has been an integral part of the UK primary care digital infrastructure for over 30 years. In PUBLIC – a venture capital firm on a mission to transform public services through technology – they found the perfect partner. With Phipps-Taylor as the new CEO, new investors and a refocused strategy, the company is making significant changes to ensure it can deliver its mission to revolutionise the way the NHS engages and supports citizens to live their healthiest lives.

Jan Lever MBE

Jigsaw Education Group

Jigsaw believes in ‘supporting educators today to empower the adults of tomorrow’ and is on a mission to ensure that young people get the best practice approach to personal, social, health and wellbeing. Jigsaw provides structured, teacher-friendly lesson plans and teaching materials for ages 3-16, all based on sound psychology and with evidenced effectiveness. Founded by Lever, she believes that children’s capacity to learn is in direct correlation with their mental and emotional health and that every child deserves the best chance of making the most of their learning opportunities.

Jason Faichney


Scotland-based Bandanair has designed an ergonomic, multi-use face mask that offers a first-line shield from air-borne bacteria and viruses, pollen, and pollutants to fine dust, VOCs, and carbon dioxide concentrations. Their masks use a blend of antiviral, virucidal, silver-impregnated, activated carbon filters tested by the Health Protection Agency. Bandanair’s ‘killer fabric’ attracts and neutralises up to 99.86% of viruses. The masks, as yet not widely available in the UK, are not classified as PPE or as medical face masks, but will follow General Product Safety Regulations. Bandanair has been thrust unwittingly into the limelight as companies across the globe, keen to get back to work, clamour for information on protective face masks in a sea of ill-informed rhetoric.

Steven Bartlett Steven Bartlett

Steven Bartlett


Previously featured on Business Leader’s front cover and the latest (and youngest ever) addition to BBC TV show Dragons’ Den, Bartlett is the rising star in British business. Alongside his investments in the Den, he runs popular podcast, The Diary Of A CEO, and is an investor/co-founder/NED/senior leader at companies such as thirdweb, Flight Story, atai Life Sciences, Catena Capital and Huel.

Dominic von Trotha Taylor


The London-based firm was recently selected as the only UK company to help shape the future of the EU’s blockchain services. iov42, which builds blockchain-based identification tools, was selected ahead of global corporates including EY, Vodafone and Deloitte, to become one of seven companies to secure a contract. More recently, the company has launched an application called Timber Chain, which hopes to prevent deforestation and curtail illegal timber sourcing through the use of blockchain and Internet of Value (IoV).

Simon Hombersley


Xampla is a Cambridge University spin-out that has created the world’s first plant protein material for commercial use, pioneering the replacement of fossil fuel plastics with natural alternatives. Xampla’s material performs like synthetic polymers but decomposes naturally and fully without harming the environment. Recently partnering with Gousto, Xampla deployed the world’s-first edible pea protein packaging solution to wrap stock cubes, preserving their flavour and shelf life without any packaging waste from single-use plastic. Other recent applications of its plant-protein material include helping the fragrance industry to transition away from plastic microcapsules, which are set to be regulated under the ECHA microplastics ban.

Jonathan Gale

Sabio Group

Two decades ago, Sabio formed in the UK to help businesses better connect with their customers. Today, they bring together the latest digital CX technologies with market-leading expertise to transform customer experience for global companies across 65 countries. As the lines between the contact centre (CC), artificial intelligence (AI) and customer relationship management (CRM) blur – umbrellaed by customer experience (CX) – these ‘CX-aware’ organisations need to sit up and take notice of this convergence and the technologies within the market that can help them manage customer interactions while providing end-to-end customer engagement. As individual components, all of CC, AI, CRM and CX are vitally important. But their integration creates a customer engagement ‘sweet spot’ that not many can offer their customers. This is the area that Sabio is aiming to transform in 2022.

John Cheney


Workbooks delivers cloud-based CRM and marketing automation applications to mid-market firms. Its mission is to help businesses operate more successfully, by working consultatively to address their unique challenges and outcomes to help them grow their revenue, enhance customer experience, reduce operational costs, and improve decision-making. Workbooks was founded in 2009 and is headquartered in Reading. The team enables hundreds of customers across the world to get closer to their clients and run their businesses more efficiently. The company has also been rated number one for customer satisfaction by G2 for the past six years, and the company plans on growing its operations this year.

Carrie Rose Carrie Rose

Carrie Rose & Stephen Kenwright

Rise at Seven

The global creative SEO agency, with offices in the UK and USA, has grown by more than 950% since 2019, and following its international expansion, further growth is on the cards for the company. Rose launched Rise at Seven with business partner and company CCO Kenwright, with a vision of using creativity and unbridled drive to disrupt the search industry in the UK. With offices in Sheffield, London, Manchester, and most recently New York, the goal is now to disrupt the US market in 2022 and beyond. With a roster of US-based clients including IG Group, PrettyLittleThing US, Next Vacay, and plenty more, they have already hit the ground running with an existing US team.

Richard Taylor


For over 25 years, Lumi has been a leading service provider of annual general meetings (AGMs) across the globe. The company powers the meeting success of all the FTSE 100 and over 5,000 companies worldwide, including the likes of IBM, easyJet and Barclays. When the pandemic hit, Lumi helped businesses pivot their approach to AGMs to deliver virtual or hybrid meetings. Lumi not only replicated the in-person experience but enhanced it, with shareholder engagement and attendance doubling from pre-pandemic levels. Lumi believes 2022 will be the year of the retail shareholder, but the challenge for companies is ensuring that everyone who owns shares is offered the opportunity to help shape the future of a business at an AGM. Lumi is set to lead the way in this in 2022.

Ellie Webb Ellie Webb

Ellie Webb


The Bristol-based non-alcoholic, tropical drinks brand has emerged as an industry-leader in recent years within this emerging market. The range of distilled spirits is inspired by Webb’s ‘motherland’ of Colombia. The award-winning company was initially created after a night out dancing a couple of years ago, and Webb became frustrated with the lack of adventurous non-alcoholic options. Two months after launching, she landed a listing with major UK retailer Sainsbury’s. The brand is now stocked across the UK and available on Amazon. One of the fastest-growing industries in the UK, Webb’s firm Caleño Drinks is one to look out for.

Manjula Lee

World Wide Generation (WWG)

WWG was the brainchild of Founder Lee. In 2016, one person’s determination to create an organisation that would have no other agenda but to unite governments, businesses, civil society, and citizens for the delivery of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) was realised. In an early attempt to be an impact fund manager, Lee realised that the timescales of the process, the number of stakeholders to access and manage, and the lack of standardisation in monitoring and measuring financial and impact performance, made the lifecycle of an SDG investment too complex. This discovery was the eureka moment for Lee to leverage the power of fintech. The company now works with over 50 partners and has 15 distribution partners across the globe.

Dave Wright


Created in 2011 by fitness industry expert Wright, Myzone, a global manufacturer of wearable fitness tracking technology, has experienced impressive growth since inception and currently serves over 9,000 facilities in 84 different countries, boasting over two million shipped devices. Designed to engage and motivate people to be more physically active, Myzone is used in many of the largest health clubs around the world and has broken into new markets such as elite sports teams, hospitals, schools, universities, and the corporate sector. After a recent £17.2m funding round, the company is looking to scale its operations.

Lorena Puica

syd (iamYiam)

Founder and CEO Puica has built a world-leading team of scientists, mathematicians, engineers, clinicians, and experts in science-backed preventive health and customised care, that fast tracks progress towards optimal health and quality of life – from childhood to retirement. The firm’s collective mission is to enhance the health and quality of life of one billion people by 2025. Combining big health data, artificial intelligence, genetics and academic research, syd delivers the world’s first science-backed recommender engine for end-to-end personalisation – as well as a full stack product for population health management and individualised outcomes-focused health planning.

Emma Lawrence


Strolleazi is set to reinvent the parenting industry with a sustainable, modern-day travel system. The brainchild of fintech banker Emma Lawrence, Strolleazi has won an international design award, ahead of the debut launch of its flagship stroller. The company was created after Lawrence became a mother, where she saw how time-consuming, confusing, and wasteful the children’s travel system industry is. So, she swapped the city for the drawing board and designed a new solution. From cutting-edge safety features and integrated electronic safety systems, to sleek engineering and little feet on the wheels that leave iconic footprints, she is set to disrupt the sector this year.

James Ashford

GoProposal by Sage

GoProposal, a major supplier of accounting and bookkeeping software, was recently acquired by Sage, a global provider of finance, accounting, and payroll solutions to SMEs. Founded by Ashford, GoProposal’s pricing, proposal and engagement letter software enables accountants and bookkeepers to price consistently, increase revenue, sell more confidently, and minimise risk across their entire firm. Grown completely organically and driven by a set of core values, philosophies and strategies, the company has established a strong client base with over 1,100 members in the last few years. Now a part of Sage, the company is looking to grow further in 2022.

Scarlett Allen-Horton

Harper Fox Partners

Runner up on the BBC TV show, The Apprentice in 2019, Allen-Horton still ended up receiving investment from Lord Alan Sugar for her recruitment business. Harper Fox Partners offer senior leadership talent, and diverse executive employment solutions for the UK and international engineering and manufacturing industries. They are passionate about diverse and inclusive talent attraction with a pinpoint focus in board composition, C-level, executive and director talent acquisition.

Gaby Amiel & Paul Grimshaw


Renewables are forecast to account for 95% of new global energy production over the next five years, but rapid growth brings complexity. Sennen understand the challenges and was established to drive transformation in the renewables industry. They created their own cloud technology for firms who are seeking to put data and automation at the heart of their strategy. For offshore wind farm operators, they have developed a modular solution designed to manage marine coordination, work management and safety control through its platform. For infrastructure funds, its software enables asset managers to streamline reporting, improve data quality and manage risk.

Irfan Khan


Embedded finance specialist, mmob is leading the way in enabling banks and consumer-facing fintechs to offer complementary services that drive customer engagement and revenues. The company’s open finance partnership platform ensures financial services providers can meet increasing consumer demand for simple, holistic, embedded offerings and multiproduct customer experiences. Through its API, operators of banks and digital financial service providers can connect to mmob’s network of third-party partners using just one line of code and rapidly deploy new services.

Hugo Tilmouth & Charlie Baron


These two London entrepreneurs pivoted their mobile phone charging business into a successful mobile order and pay app and hand sanitiser network as the pandemic hit, generating turnover of £1m in a month, and have recently secured £7m to support the expansion of their hospitality app. theUp.co has been upgrading hospitality experiences since 2017, developing new solutions to help consumers order, pay and socialise. The finance will be invested in fuelling expansion across the UK and Europe, new hires and building a new ‘super app’ to launch in 2022.

Sara Prowse - CEO of University Academy 92 (UA92) Sara Prowse – CEO of University Academy 92 (UA92)

Sara Prowse & the ‘Class of 92’


UA92 is a ground-breaking higher education institution co-founded by Manchester United’s ‘Class of ‘92’ and Lancaster University. Founded in 2017, UA92 now has more than 400 students enrolled and revenues in excess of £4m. It is committed to making higher education accessible to all, no matter the background, through its founding principles of accessibility, social mobility, and inclusivity. UA92 gives students a clear route into industry by opening the door to leading businesses. Going into 2022, the higher education facility will continue to grow and work with leading industry names including Microsoft, TalkTalk, KPMG and Manchester United. These partnerships mean that students benefit from mentors, guest lectures and work experience opportunities.

Gary Neville

Business Leader Subscriber Suggestions

Andy McDonald


Cloudapps is the leading provider of AI sales effectiveness and accuracy technology in the CRM sector, headquartered in Oxford. The Cloudapps Sales Effectiveness & Accuracy Platform is the first and currently the only AI platform to integrate advanced deep-learning and time-sequenced data with CRM. Solutions provide highly accurate sales forecasting, deep insights into deal health, guided selling, gamification, and data-driven sales coaching for some of the world’s most successful companies, including SUSE, Vodafone, and LexisNexis Risk Solutions. With Cloudapps, companies increase win rate by on average 20%, grow average deal size by 19%, and take forecast accuracy to 95%. The company recently launched Sensai, a deep-learning AI sales predictions platform, which enables enterprises to improve sales team productivity, forecast accuracy, and deal success.