What British company is looking to compete in the global electric car market?

Following this week’s news that Jaguar Land Rover will be building their latest electric car range in the UK, Business Leader profiles another British company that is looking to punch above its weight in the market.

Meet Alcraft – the Silverstone-based firm behind the wheel of British innovation

Alcraft Motor Company founder David Alcraft’s path to the electric vehicle highway has not been straight or conventional.

At the start of his career, he qualified as a pharmacist and chemical engineer before becoming chairman and CEO of several businesses in the pharmaceuticals, medical devices and healthcare sectors.

Medicine to electric vehicles? Well, David does have a track record of developing products and taking them to production in a variety of markets.

He has built several successful businesses from scratch – however – the two things inspiring him to build an electric vehicle business are steam and vodka – both natural but with transformative properties.

David loves vintage and classic cars, which is where the steam comes in. On discovering that steam cars were setting speed records at the turn of the 20th century his curiosity was piqued.

He managed to get a ride in a Stanley which had reached 127mph in 1906, and became a sponsor of Don Wales’ successful attempt to set a new steam car speed record of 148mph in 2009.

However, David had other plans.

Realising that electric vehicles have the same instant torque characteristics as steam cars – but without the inconvenient need for a boiler, water supply or condenser – David turned his mind to starting an electric vehicle business.

The Alcraft Project

The Alcraft Motor Company is currently developing its own flexible platform – an electric vehicle ‘skateboard’ which can underpin a range of distinct products for different customers, from an outright sports car to dynamic, luxurious models, capable of carrying four adults and their luggage.

The company’s solution is to draw on the British engineering tradition of minimising weight and maximising efficiency to enhance performance – an ethos perfectly suited to electric vehicles.

Alcraft’s first car, the GT, has a classic British supercar look, mixed with modern engineering and revolutionary tech included.

The car

Before it can become a reality, the company is seeking investors to help push the project along.

Among those projects is looking into the future of battery ranges and advancing the UK’s innovation within the transport sector.