What do successful people eat for breakfast?

Brady George, MD of Almeda

Brady George, MD of Almeda

It’s regularly referred to as the most important meal of the day but is there a right way to do breakfast if you are a busy business owner or CEO?

Virgin founder Sir Richard Branson reportedly enjoys fresh fruit and muesli in the morning.

Square CEO and Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey has a combination of two hard-boiled eggs and soy sauce.

And Facebook founder Mark Zuckerburg apparently doesn’t waste time on “silly” decisions, choosing to eat whatever he’s in the mood for that morning.

Keen to find out more about the daily morning routines of business people in the South West, Bristol-based Almeda has carried out research that reveals how successful people start their day and the impact this has on their working schedules.

For the survey Almeda questioned 73 business people across a range of sectors, about their breakfast habits.

Respondents were asked a series of questions including what they ate for breakfast the morning of answering the survey, as well as what a typical breakfast would look like.

The majority of responses were healthy combinations of fruit, oats and cereals, although the bacon sarnie made an appearance, as did the classic beans on toast.

Those surveyed were also quizzed on what impact what they ate has on their working performance.

When asked if they are conscious about what they eat for breakfast, 89% said they were, compared to 11% who said no.

Respondents were also asked if they noticed a positive impact on their working day if they eat a healthy breakfast. 71% said they did, with 29% saying they didn’t.

However, the results also revealed we still have our guilty pleasures too. When asked what their favourite breakfast was, 41.6% said a full English breakfast or fried breakfast meats on bread.

Almeda Managing Director Brady George comments: “It’s good to see people recognising the benefits of starting the day right and that although it’s clear people love a good fry-up,  people are consciously choosing healthier options instead.

 “Starting the day with a healthy, satisfying breakfast can make the world of difference to the rest of the day and help people achieve their full potential in the work environment.”

 Almeda recently launched its own catering division in January this year, adding this new department onto its existing total facilities management offering.

Almeda developed a catering team to head up the division, led by Head of Catering Operations Gordon Cox. They also launched the new brand ‘food with passion’ to reflect the department’s ethos and values and are promoting locally sourced and healthy food through the division.

Construction materials company Hanson UK recently commissioned Almeda to completely renovate its in-house restaurant, with the family-run firm not just designing and building the space but also sourcing and cooking the healthy and nutritious food.