What does your boss think of you?

What does your boss think of you?

Ever wanted to peek inside your boss’ mind to discover what really gets on their nerves and what you can do to impress them to get closer to that pay rise?

Instantprint recently carried out a survey, quizzing 500 senior operatives in the UK, to discover what employees do which secretly drives their boss mad and what an employee can do to get on their boss’ good side.

Interestingly, being a cynical or a pessimistic presence in the office is regarded as a worse trait than dressing inappropriately, poor hygiene and being disorganised.

With 58% of bosses saying they can’t stand employees who have a negative attitude in the workplace and 44% saying that they are impressed mostly by employees with a positive ‘can-do’ attitude.

Some statistics which also prove shocking include that only 2% of SME owners consider dressing appropriately as a way to get on their good side, and only 7% said working overtime would help you to excel at work.

Instantprint also asked SME owners to look into the mirror and judge themselves. 90% of respondents think they are generally popular in the workplace and 83% of respondents think they are not a source of irritation to employees.

How to annoy your boss?

  • 34% hate employees who lie about completing work.
  • 22% can’t stand refusing to work as a team
  • 19% cannot abide bad manners
  • 15% get frustrated at too much procrastination

How to impress your boss?

  • 34% are impressed by employees who communicate effectively
  • 28% like it when an employee goes above and beyond their remit
  • 26% look for an employee who deals with their own issues
  • 25% are respected by honest employees

Are bosses any better?

  • 90% of respondents think they are a popular in the workplace
  • 83% of respondents think they are not a source of irritation