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What EVs do business leaders drive and what is their favourite part about it?

Toby McCartney, MacRebur Limited

Following Business Leader’s ‘Which UK CEOs drive an electric vehicle?‘ feature, we asked some of the UK’s industry leaders what they love about their electric vehicle (EV).

James Bidwell, Co-Founder and Chairman of Re_Set: “I drive a dark blue BMW i3S. It is so well thought through and just great fun to drive. The interior is sustainably sourced with recycled panels and sustainably harvested eucalyptus around the dashboard. It also goes like smoke!”

Darren Sweet, Dealer Principal at City West Commercials: “Mercedes Benz EQC – love how quiet the vehicle is when driving and the built-in technology is amazing.”

Roger Proctor MBE, Chairman, Proctor + Stevenson: “I drive a Kia e-Niro. Apart from the fact that it is electric, my favourite part about is that it has a 300-mile range. And it is an ‘intelligent’, well designed car.”

Sarah Hartley, Director at Click Spares: “I have been driving a Renault Zoe GT for the past year. I chose it because it was the best-performing EV in its price range at the time of buying it.”

Ian Hughes, CEO at Consumer Intelligence: “I drive a Mercedes EQC and I have to say I never, ever get tired of the acceleration; it’s always there and the torque is amazing.”

Tony Donnelly, CEO at Goodwood Corporate Mobility: “I drive a BMW i3 with a Range Extender. I like its compactness and ease to drive. Its acceleration prowess is another attribute. I have a real range of 180 miles (the car says 215), but using the facilities (heating/aircon and radio) it averages 180.”

Tamara Roberts, CEO of Ridgeview: “We have a BMW i3. I love its design and that it’s fun and easy to drive.”

Alan Cooper, Founder of Freestyle: “I drive a Polestar 2. I love the performance, but my favourite feature is the intelligent headlights; they keep me entertained for hours, but I’m not sure whether the surrounding road users get a bit confused.”

Elizabeth Heron, CEO, OrangeDoor: “When choosing my electric car over two years ago, I needed to find something with a wow factor. The Jaguar I-PACE is that. I love its gorgeous red leather bucket seats – straight off a racing car – its panoramic roof, and of course, its speed.”

Steve Lodge, Managing Director, The Oxygen Agency: “In our household we have the second Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV and a new Hyundai KONA, which is all electric. The Outlander is practical for trips down to the south of France and is a joy to drive.

“The electric motors power the wheels and make it smooth and responsive, and its capacity for family trappings is excellent. The KONA makes a commute extremely affordable, and I’m doing 90 minutes a day. It easily provides 250 miles on a charge, so I have never been left short
of juice.”

Peter Gibbons, Managing Director at Sprague Gibbons: “Tesla Model 3 performance. My favourite parts are the minimal running costs, the acceleration and quietness of the vehicle.”

Gordon MacPherson, Managing Director at The Retailer Group: “MINI in Chili Red. It’s fun to drive and economical.”

Chris Ormrod, Managing Director of The Flavourworks: “It’s the Mercedes EQC. My favourite part is that it’s not a Tesla. Plus, I just love the quietness around town.”

Toby McCartney, CEO of MacRebur: “I drive the Jaguar I-PACE. I love its acceleration from zero to 60 in four and a half seconds. You just push the accelerator and away it goes.”

Carl Huntley, Chief Executive at Base Architects: “Audi E-Tron 55 Quattro. I bought the car as it has some off-road capability and as an architect, some of our sites are difficult to access. This model has a range of between 220 and 250 miles, so I rarely need to charge at an external charging point.”

Nick Broom, CEO at PVL UK Ltd: “As a self-confessed petrol head, I struggled with the concept of no noise and no engine, but a few motorway journeys and the frankly incredible acceleration of the Tesla, combined with significantly reduced running costs and emissions, made me re-consider.”

Dominic Ponniah, CEO at Cleanology: “Tesla, and my favourite part is the supercharger network on the motorways. As I am travelling more and more outside London, it’s great to be able to stop for 20 minutes on a long trip to plug in and charge whilst you grab a coffee/sandwich. It’s incredibly quick, no other car compares.”

Ruth Shearn, Founder of RMS: “After doing lots of geeky research, I opted for a Kia e-Niro because its reviews across all aspects of performance were all positive. It was also priced sensibly. My favourite part is its phenomenal acceleration, which is doubly satisfying as I’m also helping protect the planet.”

Steffen Brans, CEO of EEVEE Mobility: “A BMW i8. It’s not 100% electric, but I’m lucky to have had the chance to test several other EVs for a week or so, such as an Audi e-tron and a VW ID.4. My favourite part about driving an EV is the sound – there is none.”

Tim Cullis, CFO at BPL Global: “I chose a Volkswagen ID.3 for its price and range, as well as the extras I could get within a realistic budget.”

Liverpool-based property developers, Ion Development: “Our team have Jaguar and Kia. The running costs are, of course, exceptional. But also, the responsiveness, they are quick off the mark, and on a more sensible level, regenerative braking means you get rewarded for sensible driving.”

Greg Gormley, CEO of SKOOT: “My car is the Porsche Taycan, which is an amazing vehicle. Never have any issues with range anxiety and only charge the car every four to five days.”