What impact is Covid-19 having on the mental wellbeing of employees?

Amidst changing work environments, data has emerged that highlight the negative impacts of the Coronavirus crisis on the mental health of the working population.

A study reviewing the behavioural traits of over 4,000 of its users, who are employed across a range of industries, wellbeing platform 87% found that changing work patterns during lockdown are having a major impact on the workforce, with 53% saying they were worried about having to change their work routine.

In the research, 29% of staff also say that their employer is not adapting well, causing them additional unnecessary stress. Financial concerns are also prevalent, with a third of users no longer confident that they will have enough money to enjoy life at all over the next few months.

87% is a wellbeing platform that supports employees and monitors their wellbeing.

Funding from the Aviva Foundation has made it possible for the business to offer out its services to these organisations free of charge.

It has been offering its service to NHS and medical staff; as well as other business sectors.

Andy Bibby, CEO of 87%, comments: “The Coronavirus crisis is drastically impacting the medical sector and putting untold pressure on those tasked with keeping us healthy. We are duty-bound to offer what support we can and the generous contributions of the Aviva Foundation have facilitated the wide-spread work we have been able to undertake in the field of emergency care.

“But the problems extend to broader business and that’s why we are offering 87% for free to small enterprises, namely those businesses and their employees who are particularly feeling the impact of the current pandemic and whose resources are strained.”