What is a typical package for a C-suite role in a scale-up tech venture?

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It’s a question that comes up all the time – from investors, business leaders and tech execs alike; all seeking a sense of broader market benchmarks and to compare their compensation structures against organisations at a similar growth stage.

For listed companies, salary information is easily accessible via company reports; whereas for investment-backed ventures, the subject is much more opaque and there is far less data available.

This is an issue, because data can be invaluable to informing key decisions on executive compensation and how to attract, retain, or incentivise senior talent.  Equally, greater transparency is helpful to the individual, allowing them to compare their current remuneration against the market.

In an effort to create that transparency, specialist high-growth search firm, Upscale Partners, has launched its 2019 Tech Leaders Salary Survey.  The focus of this study will be on providing data, insights and analysis on executive compensation, specifically for those in the investment-backed tech sector.

The findings will be published before the end of the year in a report that will explore the latest benchmarks and trends in basic salary, bonus, equity and benefits, across the full suite of senior leadership roles.

Tech business leaders and executives are invited to participate in this study – on an anonymous basis – prior to the survey’s close on 31st October 2019.  All contributors will receive a free copy of the final report.

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