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What is the best city in the world for co-working?

London has emerged as the top city for co-working beating out New York, Los Angeles and Paris, according to new research by Aspinal of London.

London has the most co-working spaces (213), the third highest number of start-up companies (2493) and the third-place ranking for the number of company founders (3962).

The research looks at five key factors for co-working: number of co-working spaces, average cost per month, number of start-up companies, number of company founders and broadband speed (mbps).

Los Angeles was ranked the second-best city, followed by Paris and Bangalore. Unsurprisingly Bangalore had the cheapest average workspace cost per month (£67) and the third highest number of co-working spaces.

Despite New York having the most start-up companies (3408), and the highest number of company founders (5802), it remained in 5th position.

Daniel Pickering-Fletcher, Head of People at Aspinal of London said, “It’s no surprise that London came out on top, as there are 1.4 million British freelancers working across all sectors and with the rapid growth of freelancers and entrepreneurs, we’ll soon see 40% of the global workforce in self-employed roles.”

“It’s clear that cities around the world are adapting to changing times. Working remotely and flexible hours are quickly replacing typical workdays to help people achieve a healthier work-life balance.”

Top 20 co-working cities around the world

  1. London
  2. Los Angeles
  3. Paris
  4. Bengaluru
  5. New York
  6. Berlin
  7. Chicago
  8. Boston
  9. Beijing
  10. Amsterdam
  11. Seattle
  12. Toronto
  13. Sydney
  14. Singapore
  15. Austin
  16. San Jose
  17. Shanghai
  18. Vancouver
  19. Tel Aviv
  20. Stockholm

Credit: https://www.aspinaloflondon.com/discover-aspinal/lifestyle-1/best-coworking-cities-around-the-world