What is the ‘Festival of Brexit’?

With the repercussions of the Brexit transition being felt across the business community in the UK, the already emotive topic has exploded on social media – with the topic of the ‘Festival of Brexit’ trending worldwide. But, what is it? Business Leader explains.

Officially known as ‘The Festival of Great Britain and Northern Ireland’, it was dubbed the ‘Festival of Brexit’ by one of its founders, Jacob Rees-Mogg. It was originally suggested by the leading Conservatives figures and their leader at the time, Theresa May. At the time, the government compared the future event to the Festival of Britain in 1951 and the Great Exhibition of 1851.

The event is set to be held in 2022 – at a number of undecided locations – as a celebration of Britain leaving the European Union. Currently, the plan is for it to be hosted in 10 places across the UK, and online for other viewers.

The event is set to be directed by Martin Green, who previously led the team behind the opening ceremony at the Olympic Games in London back in 2012.

Why are people talking about it now?

If you look on your social media platforms today, you will see a lot of angry anti-Brexit sentiment towards the event. This is today’s selection of leading Tweets.

The anger stems from its budget – £120m of public funds are planned to be spent on the event.

With the country still reeling from the devastating impact of the COVID-19 pandemic – and the economy struggling to cope – there are many concerned over the waste of limited resources on an event surrounding such a divisive topic.