When in Rome launches world’s first paper wine bottle

Leading alt-format wine specialist When in Rome has announced its latest innovative packaging solution – the paper bottle. The new, sustainable paper bottle has already been selected by Ocado and consumers will be able to add it to their baskets as early as April 2022.

On a mission to minimise their carbon emissions from the outset, When in Rome decided to collaborate with alt-format experts Frugalpac, a British sustainable packaging company with a global mission to decarbonise the food and drinks industry.

Single-use glass bottles and their transportation are two of the biggest contributors to a wine’s carbon footprint, making up 39% of the overall wine industry’s carbon emissions.

“Our paper bottles are made from 94% recycled paper and have a carbon footprint 84% lower than a single-use glass bottle,” explains Rob Malin, Founder of When in Rome.

“The Frugal Bottle combines all of the eco advantages of our bag-in-box format with the obvious advantage that it has the same shape, capacity and price point of other premium brands still being sold in single-use glass bottles.”

Already one of When in Rome’s best sellers, the Pecorino IGP Terre di Chieti will be one of the wines available in this paper bottle format, accompanied by a highly rated Rosato which is also produced by the same grower in Abruzzo. Topping off this trio is the newest addition to When in Rome’s line up, the Primitivo IGP Puglia which is produced by Tenuta Viglione.

As of last year, When in Rome were the first wine brand in the UK to go public with their climate footprint with the help of sustainability experts, Carbon Cloud.

“This was just the start of our commitment towards radical transparency on the climate impact of our business activities,” explains Rob, who has become a pioneer in the alt-format wine industry.

“With the launch of our new paper bottle, we feel we’re really making our mark on the industry, particularly when it comes to encouraging others to follow in our footsteps towards a more sustainable future.”

Speaking on the quality of alt-format wines in the industry, Rob believes that perceptions need to shift when it comes to associating bag-in-box and cans with a poorer quality of wine.

“We believe great wine doesn’t have to come in glass bottles. There has always been this stereotype associated with alt-format wine, that the quality doesn’t perhaps match that of wines found in glass bottles. Yet we’re here to prove that whether you’re drinking from a glass bottle or a paper bottle, the quality of the wine is not impacted.”

Commenting on the launch of the new paper bottles, Malcolm Waugh, CEO of Frugalpac said: “We’re thrilled that When in Rome have chosen to join the paper bottle revolution. They’ve pioneered the use of alternative wine formats with bag-in-box and cans and we’re sure our Frugal Bottle will be a huge success for them.

“So from now on, When In Rome, buy a paper bottle!”