When is the last time you asked yourself why you do what you do?


It’s a great question.

And just one of several key questions that we rarely – if not ever – ask ourselves in the daily fire-fight of life and business.

We are so consumed by what we ‘should’ and ‘have’ to do – that we never just STOP to ask ourselves what are we doing and most importantly – why are we doing it?

When I share my experiences of OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder), GAD (Generalised Anxiety Disorder) & heightened Anxiety to Boardrooms, Events & Expos all over the world – the thing that people resonate with most after I Speak is that they now understand how Anxiety – in all of it forms – conditions us and shapes our existence.

I have been a high performing, highly successful business person for a long time before a breakdown made me re-evaluate myself, my direction and reconnect to who I really am – without the limits I had imposed on myself.

It also allowed me to take a step back and look at my ‘life blueprint’ and it was completely dictated by self-limitation, conditioning from past experiences and also from too much time spent people pleasing and never focussing on what I wanted to do.

And here’s the real kick – it was all down to ME!

We are completely in control of our choices, reactions and goals – even if we cannot control the circumstances that happen around them.

I always say – when helping other people to share their stories – that for once you should be selfish – and rightly so – because the dynamic soon changes when you get to hear how your actions have helped other people.

Back to topic though – why do you do what you do?

Not just in Business – but in Life?

Here’s my example – for a long time I wanted to own my own factory.

I’m not sure what it made – widgets or something!  But they’d be the best widgets you’d ever seen.

I’d employ lots of people and have an office with mahogany walls, desks and accessories!

It’d have machines, vans, posh stationery – the absolute works!

BUT – when I asked myself that question – when I questioned my intentions – that wasn’t my dream.

My family run a successful business – a factory, with people, with mahogany offices, with machines, vans & posh stationery – and it closed.

So – I had put myself on some quest to put things right and that was what I chased – but that wasn’t my dream – it was my conditioning.

Actually, I wanted to be a Country Singer – but to be honest, I can’t sing very well – unless you ask my Mum!

But if you think about what I do now – as an Inspirational Speaker – I engage audiences, I am on stage, I thrive on the buzz of the room, I have a personal brand – plus I quite often wear a cap, jeans and chequered shirt!

All of the kicks I would get from being a Country Singer – the same emotions, feelings and vibes – just a little different.

So I’ll leave you with this question – what did you want to be when you grew up?

Reconnect with those feelings – ask yourself what do you love, what makes you happy and doing what you do now – is that your dream – or someone elses?

Because – like many people I speak to – if it’s an Astronaut – sure, you may not ever be a Astronaut – but make sure you align yourself with the feeling of being one – excitement, adventure, travel – you’ll feel a whole lot happier!

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