Which countries have the most home workers?

flexible workingWith flexible working now the norm for many UK businesses a new study has revealed which countries have the most home workers.

Germany, Holland and Australia top the list, with over 70 percent of the workforce in those countries using a flexible working policy.

Germany leads the way with over 80 percent and currently, 68 percent of the UK businesses have a flexible working policy.

In response to how the workforce adapted during COVID-19, Germany’s Labour and Social Affairs Minister has revealed plans to present a bill granting all workers the ‘right to work from home’ by law.

At the same time, politicians are calling for more tax advantages for employees who work from home, such as the ability to deduct 20% of warm rent from income tax.

In the UK, employees may have a legal right to request flexible working under the Employment Rights Act, however the trend has not been embraced in UK workplace culture like their European counterparts have.

Several major corporations have been adopting policies that allow employees to work from home though. For example, Amazon and Microsoft employees have the option to work from home until October, while Google and Facebook workers have the option until the end of 2020.

Some businesses are looking further ahead, and Twitter has offered their staff the opportunity to work from home permanently.

John Williams, Head of Marketing at Instant Offices comments:“ Considering these trends, it’s reasonable to expect that the right to work from home could help businesses to retain more diverse talent, save on turnover costs and enjoy the benefits of a happier, more engaged workforce.”