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Which country has the largest amount of migrant workers?

Which country has the most skilled migrant workers?

Skilled workers are at a premium in today’s world. As technology advances and the job market evolves, an ever increasing need for workers from varied backgrounds is needed.

Companies’ are having to look far and wide to find the best talent – and this means that skilled migrant workers have been brought in to fill the skills gap in a wide-range of sectors.

As the world grows in its competitive need for the right knowledge to grow, Business Leader reveals what countries have taken advantage of skilled migrant workers. These skilled migrant workers have notable qualifications and experience within a certain field or sector.

Top ten countries who use skilled migrant workers

US – 46.6 million

Germany – 12 million

UK – 8.5 million

UAE – 8 million

Canada – 7.8 million

France – 7.7 million

Australia – 6.7 million

Singapore – 2.5 million

Switzerland – 2.4 million

Japan – 2 million