Which country has the most businesses per square km?

Small Business Prices has created a study looking at the business hubs of the world. The data analyses how many businesses there are per square km as well as the number of businesses per person to find out where is the most densely-populated business capital. The research also reveals which countries are producing the highest number of newly registered businesses.

Across the world are millions of businesses, ranging in size, location, and industry. But which country has the highest number of businesses per square km?

The top 10 countries for business hubs

Rank Country No. of Registered Businesses Size
(Sq Km)
Business Per Sq Km
1st Netherlands 2,056,255 33,720 61
2nd Israel 814,020 21,640 37.6
3rd Belgium 1,103,770 30,280 36.5
4th Luxembourg 62,407 2,590 24.1
5th Italy 6,468,095 294,140 22
6th Czech Republic 1,652,039 77,240 21.4
7th Portugal 1,570,803 91590 17.2
8th Slovak Republic 767,451 48,088 16
9th United Kingdom 3,788,578 241,930 15.7
10th Japan 4,809,581 364555 13.2

The Netherlands takes the top spot as the country with the most businesses per sq km at an impressive 61, making it a good destination for people looking for work. The UK ranks ninth in the list, with only 15.7 businesses per sq km, showing a potentially much tougher competition to find a job.

Small Business Prices has also looked into the number of businesses per person in countries around the world, tapping into the employment sector of which countries boast the best business opportunities.

The top 10 countries for the highest number of businesses per person

Rank Country Total no. of businesses Population People Per 1 Business
1st Czech Republic 1,652,039 10,708,981 6.5
2nd Portugal 1,570,803 10,196,709 6.5
3rd Iceland 49,247 341,243 6.9
4th Slovak Republic 767,451 5,459,642 7.1
5th Lithuania 345,895 2,722,289 7.9
6th Greece 1,297,426 10,423,054 8
7th Sweden 1,252,401 10,099,265 8.1
8th Netherlands 2,056,255 17,134,872 8.3
9th Slovenia 241,859 2,078,938 8.6
10th Italy 6,468,095 60,461,826 9.3

Both the Czech Republic and Portugal show 6.5 people per one business ranking them as the countries with the least people per company. Iceland follows closely with 6.9 people per one business thanks to both its low population and low number of total businesses.

The final part of Small Business Prices’ research focuses on the number of newly registered businesses in one year to reveal who is leading the way with new enterprises.

Below are some noticeable standout findings:

  • The UK leads the way with the number of newly registered businesses with more than 650,000 registered in 2018 alone.
  • Despite ranking as the best city for the number of businesses per square kilometre, the Netherlands ranks just 10th with 71,531 newly registered businesses.
  • With just 3,830 newly registered businesses, Austria ranks bottom of the study.

Ian Wright, Founder of  Small Business Prices commented: “The game of business is forever growing with new startups beginning to impact the world every day. In some countries, the opportunity is far greater to succeed both with available space to work in and the potential for hiring employees.

“Our study has looked into the business capitals of the world, helping consumers get an understanding as to where countries and cities sit within the business world.

“Another interesting part of the study relates to the number of newly registered businesses. It’s no surprise to see such high numbers with many hoping to become their own boss and make a life-changing business. Perhaps with these high figures, it gives hope to those who are thinking of making the jump from employee to founder.”