Which is the best UK city outside London to start a business?


The role that UK cities play in both the national and global economy is changing. While London has long been the nation’s de facto centre for business activity, recent change has brought significant growth and development to other parts of the country.

Nerdwallet UK, an independent financial comparison website, recently conducted research to find out which UK cities are best to start a business outside of the capital.

The top ten cities include:

1. Birmingham
2. Sheffield
3. Glasgow
4. Leeds
5. Coventry
6. Edinburgh
7. Nottingham
8. Bristol
9. Leicester
10. Brighton

The research also revealed that:

• Birmingham has the largest active business population in the UK, outside of London
• Sheffield has the highest business survival rate in the UK (44.9%), while London has one of the lowest (39.3%)

Know Your Money considered factors such as access to talent, quality of life, infrastructure, and funding and support.

The rankings were determined by using a range of quantifiable and comparable data from official sources such as the ONS and unique insights from the company’s own data.

Know Your Money’s Finance Director, Nic Redfern commented: “Small Businesses are key to the future of the UK economy and this study shows a lot has been done to develop an economic environment across the country in which they can thrive. There are challenges ahead for some interesting cities that did not make it into the Top 10 – clearly there is still more work to do to help the spread of opportunity reach across the country.”