Which popular app has seen a record surge in users due to coronavirus?

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Data gathered by Learnbonds.com indicates that during the first quarter of 2020, popular video sharing platform TikTok had 200 million downloads, an all-time high record under three months. According to the data, this figure represents a growth of about 28% from the 156 million downloads recorded in the fourth of 2019.

The data indicates that in March 2020, TikTok had the highest downloads in a month at 75.5 million. This figure represents a growth of about 25% from the 60.5 million downloads in February 2020. February downloads represented a drop of about 5.5% from January’s 64 million downloads.

In 2019, the highest TikTok downloads in a month were recorded in December when the figure stood at around 57.5 million. For last year, the lowest downloads were recorded in February when the figure was 36 million. In total, TikTok had about 523.5 million downloads in 2019. According to the report:

“The surge in TikTok’s downloads comes amid the global Coronavirus pandemic, which has seen consumers focus on their mobile devices more than ever as they look for new ways to shop, work, and interact.”

The data further highlights the countries that led to the number of TikTok during the first three months of the year.

India continued to emerge top with 27.4% of the total downloads representing 55 million. Brazil was second with 14% of the total downloads. The United States had 13.7% followed by Indonesia at 6.7% while Russia closed the top five categories with 4.1% of the total downloads.

Other countries with more downloads include Mexico (3.5%), Philippines (3.4%), Pakistan (2.7%), Egypt (2.6%), and Turkey (2.6%). Downloads from other parts of the world stood at 23.2%.

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