Which project management software could help your business?


Project management is an essential function of any business. Often with numerous high-scale projects and campaigns running at any one time, a project management team needs the assistance of software or programs that can run in conjunction with a project.

Dependent on the type of industry or business that you are in, the specific needs and functions of the software vary in importance. Whether the primary function is analytics or creativity, here is a rundown of some of the latest and most innovative project management tools currently on the market.


Basecamp is an extremely popular project management tool that allows users to interact and track project progress like a social networking platform. Less for traditional project management tasks such as resourcing and scheduling, this could work well for a creative agency or an events team where informal communication is preferred.

They also have a client-side function, which means clients don’t have to be across the whole project but can still communicate effectively over email in one central place using Basecamp. Although this a popular software for freelancers and agencies alike there is no free version…


Wrike is an award-winning online project management software used by many fortune 500 companies such as Google and Adobe. Designed to improve the efficiency of multi-group collaboration, it hosts a variety of benefits such as interactive Gantt charts, customisable dashboards and can be tailored to a variety of different departments.

For example, there is a ‘Wrike for Marketers’ which is a tailored version, especially for creative teams.  They currently offer free plans and a variety of competitive premium plans.


Created by the brainchild of Facebook cofounder Dustin Moskovitz, Asana’s interface is extremely user friendly and simple to navigate. One of the main focuses of this software is assisting teams to work collaboratively and efficiently towards the common project goal.

The goal visualisation feature among member chat rooms and time trackers makes this possible – however one main drawback of Asana is its lack of offline mode, making it tricky to track that project in no Wi-Fi zones.

It’s important when choosing your project management tool to do extensive research and find a tool that works specifically for your needs and industry.  Remember these tools are not made to replace the human function but rather to enhance it and remove some of the administration that can become laborious and is associated with most projects.

The correct project management software should ideally allow more time for project strategy and creativity. Alongside software, further study in the project management field can open a variety of doors and give you the confidence to run large scale projects and the insight and knowledge necessary to build campaigns and teams across a range of industries.

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