Which stars of The Apprentice have the most Instagram followers?

To mark the return of The Apprentice to TV screens, the team at Betway has gone through Instagram to see which of the past contestants has become the most popular on social media.

1. Luisa Zissman

Luisa Zissman is by far and away the most popular Apprentice star on Instagram, with her whopping follower count of 621,000 being more than the rest of the top five combined.

After finishing as runner-up on The Apprentice in 2013, Luisa went on to appear in Celebrity Big Brother where she reached fourth place. She continues to make regular guest appearances on This Morning and Good Morning Britain to debate trending news topics.

The Milton Keynes-born businesswoman has also run several successful businesses including an online electronics store, a baking website, and a cupcake shop, as well as dabbling in modelling.

2. Jemelin Artigas

Originally hailing from Venezuela, Jemelin starred in Series 15 of the hit BBC show and has been involved in the business world from as young as 14-years-old. She currently has 151,000 Instagram followers.

However, being a ruthless businesswoman is not her only talent. Jemelin has also pursued a career in acting, featuring in projects for channels such as Fox and MTV in her time. She has also enjoyed success as a model and a spokesperson for several well-known brands.

3. Jennifer Maguire

Considering Jennifer’s stint on The Apprentice came all the way back in 2008 and she only lasted seven weeks, the star has done incredibly well to sustain her 131,000 strong following on Instagram.

The Dublin girl once described herself as “the best saleswoman in Europe”, and since competing on The Apprentice, she has paved a further TV career in Ireland with appearances on Failte Towers and the Republic of Telly, as well as hosting a daytime radio show.

After marrying in 2014, Jennifer changed her surname from Maguire to Zamparelli.

4. Thomas Skinner

Thomas Skinner became an instant hit with Apprentice fans when he appeared on the show in 2019, thanks to his ‘Delboy’ style approach to business tasks.

Born in Romford, street-wise Tom often boasts that his business career started with a paper round when he was 12 before he began trading on London’s markets at the age of 16.

Tom has had various successful business endeavours, including Bosh Beds and The Fluffy Pillow Company, and has kept up his TV appearances too. He currently has 126,000 followers on Instagram.

5. Zeeshaan Shah

Despite not making it too far in the competition when he appeared on The Apprentice in 2013, Zee has still gone on to carve a very successful career for himself.

With his fingers in several pies from property to tech, the London-based businessman regularly treats his 124,000 Instagram followers to educational and motivational business videos, including one in which he interviews the Netflix Co-founder, Mark Randolph.

6. Sian Gabbidon

A winner in more ways than one, Sian was not only crowned Apprentice champion in 2018, but with 118,000 followers, she also boasts a higher follower count on Instagram than any other Apprentice winner.

A talented fashion designer and famous TV personality, Sian’s £250,000 investment from Lord Sugar was won by her business plan for an online swimwear and fashion brand, which has since launched on both ASOS online and George Asda.

7. Saira Khan

Saira just lost out when she competed in the very first series of The Apprentice way back in 2005, but the Derbyshire-born star has gone to have a TV career for almost two decades, being a presenter on The Martin Lewis Money Show and CBBC’s Beat The Boss, as well as several documentaries.

The TV personality has made many more appearances on screen, including stints on Loose Women, Celebrity Big Brother, Dancing on Ice and even Radio 4’s Woman’s Hour.

8. Grainne McCoy

Irish girl Grainne became a mum at the age of 15, but she did not let that stand in her way of success – in fact, it only made her more determined.

Grainne has made a name for herself in the make-up and cosmetics industry, founding and running her own beauty business, alongside providing make-up for the Cannes Film Festival and several high-end fashion shows. She can also boast of having more than 80,000 followers on Instagram.

9. Joseph Valente

The eleventh winner of The Apprentice, Joseph Valente, lives and breathes for business. Not only did he start his own business ‘Impragas’ at the tender age of 22, but the company would grow to become the UK’s largest independent boiler installation company.

After winning the hit BBC show, the ambitious entrepreneur – who has 74,200 Instagram followers – released his own best-selling book titled ‘Expelled from the Classroom to the Billionaire Boardroom’, started the ‘Social Enterepeneur Podcast’ and was even named in Forbes’ 2018 edition of the prestigious 30 under 30 list.

10. James Hill

After being eliminated from the show’s tenth season in the eighth week, James made headlines for tabloids for different reasons, after it was revealed that he had been controversially dating fellow Apprentice contestant Lauren Riley during filming for the programme. Such exploits have helped James to accrue an impressive 63,900 followers.

Hill has since gone on to win the sixteenth series of Celebrity Big Brother in 2015. He has also made appearances on Celebrity Dinner Date and Celebrity Coach Trip.