Which subscription boxes will remain popular after lockdown?

Research by Yoppie, pioneers of personalised period care, has looked at how the pandemic has shaped the subscription box market, what we spend on average across different subscriptions, and which products are likely to remain popular in life after lockdown.

Since 2017, the UK subscription box market has skyrocketed by a huge 135% and during the height of lockdown in 2020, the market was worth an estimated £1.4bn. These delivery services have been around for some time but as the stats show, lockdown really helped to accelerate the size of the market.

Just because the world is reopening, this doesn’t mean we have to give up on our subscription boxes. In fact, the figures suggest that the subscription box market is projected to climb by a further 29% by 2025 to a value of £1.8bn.

So, what does the average subscription box cost, and which are proving the most popular? Yoppie has taken a look.


Whether it’s craft beer, wine, unusual gin, or even fancy coffee, we love a drink-based subscription box. On average, a drinks subscription box will cost around £30 per month and some of the more popular include Craft Gin Club, Tipple Box and Pact Coffee.

Plants and Flowers

Flowers are a great option for a subscription box and can help keep your home looking and smelling beautiful. The average cost of a flower or plant subscription is around £25 per month, with Bloom and Wild and Freddies Flowers being amongst some of the best.


We all love our gadgets and gaming these days, and with Zbox and Lootcrate, you can have this at your convenience for an average of £20.

Books & Magazines

A good book has been one way that many of us have combatted the boredom of lockdown and there are plenty of options to keep your bookshelf well-stacked with a subscription. On average, a book subscription will cost just £15 per month with A Box of Stories and The Willoughby Book Club providing a good place to start.

Health & Fitness

Another incredibly important category and aspect in our lives, particularly during the pandemic – keeping fit and healthy. But knowing where to start, what to do and how to keep motivated can be hard. Luckily there are plenty of subscription services that can do just that and on average we spend £14 per month keeping fit via subscription services. If you need to up your exercise, check out GymCrate or FabFitFun.

The rest

There are so many categories to choose from with various subscription boxes available for each.

From music and film via the likes of Disney Movie Club, household & domestic subscriptions from Norlii or Bombay & Cedar, petcare from Tails, My Meow or WufWuf, male Grooming with Harry’s and Dollar Shave Club, beauty from Birchbox and Glossybox, food and snacks from Graze and Abel & Cole and finally, arts and crafts with MakeBox and Artful.

Founder of Yoppie, Daniella Peri, commented: “Subscription boxes have provided a vital service for many during the pandemic, helping us to get what we need, when we need it, all without having to leave the house.

“While restrictions have been lifted, the subscription lifestyle trend is here to stay and many of us have now realised that not only is the consumer experience more convenient, but the products are often far superior to those found on our supermarket shelves.

“It also offers a far more personal experience with many providers providing a great deal of personalisation, and this is something that resonates with the modern consumer.

“Of course, the pandemic accelerated the growth levels seen across the market but this has simply provided an even firmer foundation for the growth of the sector going forward.”

UK – average spend on subscription boxes

Subscription category Typical spend per box
Drink £30
Plants & Flowers £25
Geek & Gaming £20
Book & Magazines £15
Health & Fitness £14
Music & Film £13
Household & Domestic £13
Petcare £13
Male Grooming £12
Beauty £11
Food £8
Arts & Crafts £7