What are the most socially impactful tech companies of the 21st Century?

Facebook has been revealed as the technology company which has had the biggest social impact in the last 20 years, followed by Google and P**nhub.

More than 90% surveyed also said Google is their most frequently used service, while Facebook is perceived to be the least trustworthy by the majority of participants. Despite being voted to have the most negative impact on society, P**nhub still made the top three. Microsoft was named the company that has done the most good this millennium.

A new study by digital marketing specialists has revealed the 10 technology companies that have had the biggest impact on society in the 21st century so far, with Facebook taking the top spot.

The agency, Diggity Marketing, surveyed more than 6,000 people worldwide to find out which popular tech companies have had the biggest impact on society, good and bad, in the last 20 years. The survey asked respondents to consider factors including communication, data security, sustainability, knowledge sharing, charitable giving and overall contribution to society.

The 10 most socially impactful tech companies of the last 20 years are:

1. Facebook
2. Google
3. P**nHub
4. Microsoft
5. Apple
6. Amazon
7. Twitter
8. Netflix
9. TikTok
10. Tinder

When asked what impact big tech is having on society, the responses were mixed; 28% believe the companies improve society, while 31% believe they are having a negative impact, and the majority are still unsure (41%).

Google received mainly positive votes for its impact on society (57% believe so), the most popular reasons being the answers and information that can be accessed through its search engine and navigation capabilities through Google Maps. On the negative side, the main concerns were with the sharing of user’s personal information, followed by suspicions of using search data to ‘spy’ on users and tax avoidance.

The survey also delved into the services that people say they can’t imagine living without; two-fifths (41%) would like to delete their Facebook account but have become too dependent on it for staying in touch with friends and family. Almost half of people said that they dislike how much they rely on Amazon (49%), it’s estimated that eight out of 10 households in the US alone have a Prime membership.

A quarter of people (24%) believe that none of the big tech companies can be fully trusted with personal information, with Facebook most commonly chosen as the ‘least trustworthy’ company in terms of user data (32%), followed by Amazon (16%), TikTok (13%) and Google (12%).

When asked about the companies that have done the most good in the world, the majority of participants chose Microsoft (56%) citing Bill Gates’ charitable work throughout his career.

Matt Diggity, founder of Diggity Marketing, said: “We are now in the second decade of the twenty-first century and technology is advancing faster than ever. Services and products that may have been seen as gimmicky or unnecessary at the start of the millennium are now integral parts of everyday life for billions of people across the world.

“Measuring a company’s impact on society meant we had an opportunity to look at perceived good and bad aspects. It’s telling that despite negative press around some of the top 10 these are still seen to be the companies that have done more than others to change the way we live our lives. Our study just goes to show that whatever side you sit on when it comes to companies like Facebook, Google and P**nHub, their impact on society cannot be denied.”