Who are the richest entrepreneurs in cryptocurrency?

Cryptocurrency in hand

Head back just over a decade and cryptocurrencies were only just getting started, valuations for currencies such as Bitcoin were next to nothing and their existence was not widely known about.

Now, Elon Musk has hailed new cryptocurrency ‘Dogecoin’ as the future currency of the world and his company Tesla has purchased $1.5bn in Bitcoin.

With different types of cryptocurrencies emerging and their popularity growing every day, who are some of the richest people in crypto?

New research from Traders of Crypto has revealed that Satoshi Nakamoto, the infamous founder of Bitcoin, tops the rich list, with an estimated worth of over $34bn.

The full list of richest people in crypto is as follows:

Rank Name Nationality Company Age Estimated Net Worth
1 Satoshi Nakamoto Japan Bitcoin 45 $34,937,100,000
2 Micree Zhan China Bitmain 41 $3,200,000,000
3 Chris Larsen United States Ripple 60 $2,700,000,000
4 Changpeng Zhao China Binance 43 $2,600,000,000
5 Jihan Wu China Bitmain 34 $1,800,000,000
6 Cameron & Tyler Winklevoss United States Winklevoss Capital 39 $1,400,000,000
6 Xu Mingxing China OKCoin 34 $1,400,000,000
8 Matthew Roszak United States Bloq 48 $1,200,000,000
9 Li Lin China Huobi $1,100,000,000
9 Tim Draper United States Draper Associates 62 $1,100,000,000
11 Joseph Lubin Canada Ethereum 56 $1,000,000,000
11 Brian Armstrong United States Coinbase 37 $1,000,000,000
13 Anthony Di Iorio Canada Ethereum 45 $750,000,000
14 Brock Pierce United States Bitcoin Foundation 40 $700,000,000
15 Dan Larimer United States Block.one 37 $600,000,000
15 Brendan Blumer United States Block.one 34 $600,000,000
15 Michael J. Saylor United States MicroStrategy 55 $600,000,000
18 Valery Vavilov Latvia Bitfury 40 $500,000,000
18 Blythe Masters United Kingdom Digital Asset Holdings 51 $500,000,000
18 Charles Hoskinson United States Cardano 33 $500,000,000
21 Michael Novogratz United States Galaxy Digital 56 $478,000,000
22 Roger Ver Saint Kitts & Nevis Bitcoin.com 41 $430,000,000
23 Brad Garlinghouse United States Ripple 49 $400,000,000
23 Barry Silbert United States Digital Currency Group 43 $400,000,000
25 Vitalik Buterin Russia Ethereum 26 $360,000,000


The research from Traders of Crypto has found a gender disparity on the list, with only one of the 25 being female, Bythe Masters. However, Satoshi Nakamoto’s true identity does remain a mystery, so there is a possibility that the world’s richest person in crypto could be female.

The average age of those on the list was 43 years old, the youngest being Vitalik Buterin, who at just 26 has a worth of an estimated net worth of $360 million, while Tim Draper is the eldest at 62 years old, with an estimated $1.1 billion net worth.

When it comes to Cryptocurrency, should you be investing?

Gregory Klumov, CEO of Stablecoin Platform STASIS says that investors need to keep buying Bitcoin and develop a buying strategy, as it’s a great way of saving money and storing value.

He says: “A smart strategy would be to buy a fraction once a week, once a month, regardless of the price. It is an asset that will carry value 20 years into the future. Therefore, $48.000 or $52.000 – is not so important. It is much more vital that more and more companies will buy it not as a means of speculation but as a store of value, which means that the lower band’s price will constantly rise.

“It was $3.500 last year, this year it will probably be $35.000, next year it will be an even higher threshold. But at the same time, there may be a sharp correction from $52.000 to, for example, $35.000. No one can ever predict this. I’ve seen Bitcoin at $100, so it’s a philosophical question that someone didn’t have time to buy something. It is necessary to develop a buying strategy, and if you are exposed to emotions, you can lose a lot of money.

“It’s clear that negative real interest rates continue to push big players and corporates into alternative treasury assets like Bitcoin. I can foresee more enterprises joining the club in the long run. We are nowhere near a bubble though, the whole story of corporate demand story is just starting,”