Who are the world’s leading celebrity investors?


Celebrities don’t just make their money from acting roles, sponsorship deals, Instagram posts, albums and sports. The rich and famous are also often found to be silent investors in many popular brands using their sizeable paychecks to make lucrative investments.

Whilst the glamorous world of Hollywood has undoubtedly produced its share of celebrities who are ready to invest, the UK also has some business savvy investors dominating the headlines.

Whether it’s in tech start-ups or hospitality, the Celebrity Investments Index by the finance experts at money.co.uk reveals which UK stars are the biggest and busiest investors.

The UK’s Most Prolific Celebrity Investors Revealed:

  1. Bono – 126
  2. David Beckham – 82
  3. Sir Alex Ferguson – 67
  4. Andy Murray – 61
  5. Sir Elton John – 59
  6. Stephen Fry – 37
  7. Gary Lineker – 37

Scoring 126 out of 150 points, musician Paul David Hewson, better known by his stage name Bono tops the UK list.

The music star has five investments to date totalling an estimated $886m with tech start-ups being his biggest investment area.


The new Celebrity Investments Index by the investment experts at money.co.uk analyses 30 celebrities based on their business investments to determine which showbiz stars are the most prolific investors and in what investment areas.

The research found that $11.9bn funds had been exchanged across 339 different investments by the 30 celebrities included in the index.

Table 1: Top 15 most successful celebrity investors








Birth Place

Net Worth Score  

Investment Score

High Value Investment Score  

Funding Score

Average Investment Score Total Score /150


Musician 51 New York, USA 29 23 28 26 26 132
2 Ashton Kutcher Actor 43 Iowa, USA 15 30 29 30 25 129
3 Bono Musician 60 Dublin, Republic of Ireland 26 20 26 25 29 126
4 Oprah Winfrey TV Host 67 Mississippi, USA 30 19 27 22 27 125
5 Jared Leto Actor 49 Louisiana, USA 11 27 30 27 22 117
6 Dr. Dre Musician 56 California, USA 27 18 30 17 24 116
7 Serena Williams Tennis Player 39 Michigan, USA 16 28 29 23 17 113
8 Will.i.am Musician 46 LA, USA 9 21 30 24 28 112
9 Katy Perry Musician 36 California, USA 19 19 14 28 30 110
10 Arnold Schwarzenegger Actor 73 Styria, Austria 21 20 25 19 23 108
11 Nasir Jones Musician 47 New York, USA 9 29 19 29 21 107
12 Will Smith Actor 52 Pennsylvania, USA 20 25 22 21 18 106
13 Leonardo DiCaprio Actor 46 California, USA 18 24 24 20 15 101
14 Rihanna Musician 33 Saint Michael, Barbados 25 19 23 13 14 94
15 50 Cent (Curtis Jackson) Musician, Actor 45 New York, USA 6 21 25 18 20 90

Source: Money.co.uk

Scoring 132 out of 150 points, hip-hop star Jay-Z tops the Celebrity Investments Index, making him the most successful celebrity backer. The music star has 11 personal and partner investments with a total investment sum of $983m with tech and champagne being his biggest investment areas.

Despite Jay-Z topping the overall index, Ashton Kutcher takes the lead for the most amount of money invested into businesses in total at $3.1bn.

A third of the celebrities in the report have invested over $100m in a single business investment, and overall one in 10 have invested a staggering $500m in a single investment fund.

The Celebrity Investments Index reveals that on average, celebrity backers invest $38.5m per investment, with pop star Katy Perry leading the way with the highest average fund amount of $265m spread across her four investments.

Ashton Kutcher, Jay-Z, and Jared Leto were all early investors in Uber back in the brand’s early days, cementing the stars as savvy investors.

Wellness and health brands have the most female backers with over a fifth (23%) of female celebrities in the report having a wellness brand in their investment portfolio, with Saie and Headspace enticing the most funds from celebrity backers.

Oprah Winfrey, Jessica Alba, Gwyneth Paltrow, and Tyra Banks are the most fruitful wellness investors with 16 brands in their portfolios.

Salman Haqqi, money.co.uk’s personal finance expert, added: “Venture capitalists and corporates aren’t the only ones funding new startups. Our report reveals that a lot of celebrities are now investing their wealth in new businesses and entrepreneurs looking for business capital.

“Many celebrities have made millions through investing and have made more money away from their day jobs by generating wealth from their diverse investment portfolio.

“Just under half of the celebrities in our report hail from the music industry, while others have made a name for themselves in TV, movies, and sports. Stars on the list have backed some big names including the likes of Uber, Spotify, Airbnb, Houzz and Skype.

“Like all investors, celebrities need to be savvy when investing their hard-earned cash. Investing in stocks and shares is a high risk activity, and it’s important to remember that you may get back less than you originally invested.”

Methodology and sources:
Taking a seed list of celebrities from both Lovemoney and Crunchbase, we applied Crunchbase data to this combined list of celebrities to reveal which A-list stars are the most successful investors, by scoring each celebrity on the following five factors: 

  1. Net worth /30
  2. Number of investments (personal and partner investments) /30
  3. Highest investment sums /30
  4. Estimated total amount of funding /30
  5. Average investment sum /30

Each celebrity can score a maximum of 30 points for each of the following categories, giving us a top investor score of 150.