Who are the world’s most ‘cyber-attacked’ brands?

Global cybersecurity firm DynaRisk has revealed that Netflix, EA and Spotify are among the top five most targeted brands for account takeover with consumer accounts on these services most at risk of being hijacked by cybercriminals.

The research revealed Riot Games to be the most targeted brand, with Xbox, Amazon, Adobe, WWE and Facebook also featuring in DynaRisk’s top 20 list.

The new data comes from a study conducted by DynaRisk which looks at the types of sites targeted by cybercriminals for account takeovers. Account takeover (ATO) is where hackers will attempt to log into legitimate user accounts using huge lists of stolen username and password combinations obtained from data breaches. The company obtained 1,500 configuration files for a popular hacking tool that is used to carry out these attacks. They then combed through them to determine which brands were referenced the most times.

The study was able to index the top 20 brands most commonly targeted by hackers out of over 600 brands targeted.

Rank Top targeted brands
1. Riotgames.com
2. Netflix
3. Spotify.com
4. Origin.com
5. Ea.com
6. Sonyentertainmentnetwork.com
7. Live.com
8. Crackingcore.com
9. Realitykings.com
10. Xbox.com
11. Amazon.com
12. Adobe.com
13. Wwe.com
14. Steampowered.com
15. Deezer.com
16. Facebook.com
17. Beatsmusic.com
18. Yahoo.com
19. Rapidgator.net
20. Hitleap.com

The study also discovered that common sites targeted include ‘non-standard content’ (or pornography sites) (31.7%), ‘technology & computing’ sites (22.1%) as well as ‘adult and niche’ sites (13.9%).

Andrew Martin, CEO and Founder of DynaRisk commented: “Consumers’ number one concern might not be the security of their personal data when they are enjoying the content offered by their favourite digital entertainment brands – but they shouldn’t assume that brands are taking care of their information.

“Recent high-profile data concerns on social media platforms has likely alerted consumers to the ease with which data and personal information can be stolen or misused by third parties, however they might not have the same awareness of the risks to accounts on services like Netflix being attacked.

“There is a huge amount of education needed around cybersecurity – fuelled by a misunderstanding that having antivirus software installed on devices grants them immunity from having their personal details stolen. With corporations failing to protect consumers (often unintentionally), it’s time for people to self-empower and take better steps to improve cybersecurity credentials themselves. This can be achieved by finding out their own personal Cyber Security Score and then acting on what they need to do to improve it.”