Who have been the ‘visitor’ winners and losers in the online retail sector?

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According to new data Amazon had 4bn visitors to its online platform in March, which was more than eBay, Apple, Walmart and Rakuten combined.

Data gathered by Learnbonds.com indicates that online retail giant Amazon had 4.06 billion unique visitors in March.

According to the data, this figure was more compared to combined visitors for the other five leading online stores.

The data shows that eBay, Apple, Walmart, Rakuten, Samsung.com, and Apple.com had cumulative visitors of 3.85 billion. eBay registered 1.2 billion unique visitors followed by Rakuten at 0.8 billion while Samsung.com had 0.6 billion. Walmart came fifth with 0.61 billion visitors.

Other platforms with high visitors include Apple.com (0.56 billion), Aliexpress (0.53 billion), Etsy (0.4 billion), Homedepot (0.29 billion), and Allegro.pl (0.27 billion).

The high traffic received by online stores in March can be attributed to the Coronavirus pandemic.

According to the report: “March marked a period when most people began staying at home as a precautionary measure to curb the spread of the Coronavirus. As a result, many turned to online stores for shopping.”

The report also overviewed online consumer behavior based on the Search Engine Results Page (SERP). The data shows a significant change for various industries between March 26-29 and March 30-31.

For the books and literature industry, the SERP volatility percentage change during the period was 187.67%. The hobbies and leisure industry had a change of 119.83% while people and society had a change of 106.90%.

Health, one of the impacted sectors by the pandemic had a volatility percentage change of 96.47%. For pets and animals, the change stood at 96.36% while science had a SERP volatility change of 87.84%.

Other industries with a notable volatility change include; home and garden (74.67%), auto and vehicles (74.59%), computers and electronics (72.15%), business and industry (70.06%) and beauty and fitness (68.63%).

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