Why cyber security should be a business priority in the COVID era

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Nicola Saner
Nicola Saner

By Nicola Saner, Managing Director, Chorus

In 2020 we’ve all come to experience first-hand just how vital technology is.

At the start of the year, business leaders rightly focused on business continuity, having to remain resilient against financial and operational challenges.

Organisations rapidly adapted to remote working and were forced to accelerate digital transformation. In fact, according to Microsoft, at the start of the year we saw two years’ worth of digital transformation in just two months.
However, this sudden shift has meant that IT security may have fallen down the list of priorities.

Given the limited capabilities of traditional perimeter firewall and VPN solutions to protect against modern threats, companies need new security measures, new levels of expertise and new technologies to protect their data, devices, and people in this new COVID impacted era.

It is against this backdrop that I have been fortunate enough to take over as Managing Director at Chorus.
I look forward to leading our skilled technical teams as we accelerate the development of our Security Operations Centre services for organisations looking to bolster or outsource their IT security operations.

With a predicted shortfall of around three million Cyber Security professionals in the coming years, organisations need to consider how they meet the growing cyber security skills gap. Chorus is well placed to help organisations maximise their existing Microsoft cloud investments by enhancing their security posture and providing dedicated security support.

Today, organisations need a new security strategy that adapts to the complexity and flexibility of modern working and supports a mobile workforce to secure people, devices and data wherever they are located. This modern approach is known as Zero Trust. By embedding Zero Trust into digital transformation, businesses can use this as an opportunity to drive an innovative and flexible IT strategy with security at the core – creating a modern workplace built for the future.

In my new role, I know that COVID-19 is proving to be a revealing test of leadership. Business leaders have had to react rapidly and adapt their businesses to this new environment. Now is a good time to reflect on these earlier operational changes and review them with IT security in mind – protecting your organisation going forwards.
Chorus specialises in Microsoft technologies and, now more than ever, organisations need the right support to help them get the most from their technology and securely embrace a cloud-orientated modern workplace.

If you would like to speak to us about your business technology or cyber security, please call Chorus on 01275 398900 or email hello@chorus.co

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