Why is Google My Business so essential?

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Google My Business
Why Google My Business is an essential tool

Google My Business is a free directory from Google that enables your business to have its key information displayed when your brand is searched for.

This will give your business much greater exposure as it shows up on the results page along with location, contact information, reviews and opening hours, for example. You will also want to include at least three images of your business, product or service along with your logo.

To feature on Google My Business, you will have to claim your business and go through a verification process to determine the physical address and legitimacy of your business. Google will send a postcard with a PIN to your business’s physical location. Then you’ll simply log in and enter the PIN to verify your business; Simple!


Now more than ever, reviews are an important part of the customer purchasing process, where customers can compare your products and services to other similar businesses. Customers are relying on reviews to influence their decision to purchase.

On Google, the star rating is prominent when searching for your business, highlighting people’s past experience of your company. It is essential to reply to these reviews, be they positive or negative, as this shows you care about your customers and your business image.

Alongside these factors, Google also states that the better the reviews, the better ranking the business will receive when compared to local businesses in the same area. This is important when the customer is making an informed decision on different local options available. According to Bright Local, 84% of people trust online reviews as much as a personal recommendation, and seven out of ten customers will leave a review for a business if asked by the business. So why not ask your customers if they can leave you a review?

Social Media

Google My Business also links to all of the social media platforms that you use. Giving the audience a quick insight into the content which you post and the images that you use. There is also a link to your website in this section alongside being displayed in the main search results.

This is a key area which should not be overlooked by businesses as it really puts your business on the map and showcases what your customers think of your business. It also shows vital information in a quick and simple layout with relevant links. Spending time updating and maintaining this section of your online presence on Google is a no-brainer.

To find out how we can help you make the most of Google My Business, feel free to call a member of Purplex Marketing on 01934 808132.

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